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On this page we have put our self defense gadgets such that you can see all the options on one page. Below each section is a clickable menu that will take you to the product of your choice. 

Solo Defenders

These tools are just Amazing as you will see!

The Solo Defenders are the base units for all our Mission Specific and Full Up Defenders. You can get one of our Solo Defenders in this section and we encourage you to look at the other additions you can get with your Solo Defenders. Use the menu below to navigate to those products. It is the same on each section, that is a clickable menu in found in each section. Once you are done looking at a product just hit the back arrow on your browser to get back here.

Every Day Carry

Mouse over to see

Non Lethal

The Guppy and The Defender 1


A big OUCH

Defender 2, Stealth, RP Defender, Spec Ops 2, and the Parrot

Very Aggressive


The Owl, Ronsonator, and the Swan

Self Defense Gadget “heat” rating!

Regular Carry: The Guppy and Defender 1

Aggressive: Defender 2, Stealth, RP defender, Spec ops 2, and Parrot

Very Aggressive: Owl, Ronsonator, and Swan

Solo Defenders Menu Below

Mission Specific Defenders

The mission-specific defender’s packages are designed with where you are going to go and you don’t need to guess what you should carry. As you can see you get full-up tools clips, friction sandpaper, lanyard, neck rig, and a kydex holster with a clip.

Mission Specific Menu Below

Full Up Defenders

The full-up defenders come ready to deploy right out of the mail envelope. They come with a neck rig, clips, sand-paper, and standard snap lanyards. You don’t have to add anything but just have one of our “high-speed” self-defense gadgets. See the menu below for details of each gadget.

Full Up Defenders Menu

The Max Nail

I just got this message in about the max nail. Ray was the one that asked me if it would be a good defender. I said sure but with some modifications.  Ray just saw it was up and done so I want to make sure Ray Davis gets the credit for the idea. I just hand to screw around with it and make it happen…haha Here is the message:

Message: Dear Master Peter Brusso, I just finished watching your video on the Max Nail. I really liked it. Also, I wrote you sometime back and told you about the railroad spike I carry in my waistband and use like a yawara (yawara on steroids, that is). The spike by itself is devastating and the possibilities are endless. Also, another non-weapon item that makes a good weapon is a quick link you can get from any hardware store, lowes, home depot, or even tractor supply. The largest one fits my hand perfectly and makes a great knuckleduster or brass knuckle. Plus, you can easily carry it concealed in your pocket, and is devastating. Well, keep up the good work and I’ll talk to you later. Ray Davis

This self-defense gadget came to us by a question from an email. That person wanted to know would a railroad nail be like a defender. I thought about it, and it would. However, I found that it would be necessary to alter the nail. I do a lot of throwing weapons, and I was surprised how VERY different it really was. Therefore it took me many months to perfect the alterations and develop the techniques to use this gadget… Check it out by [clicking here.]

Easy Carry Options

I love this clamshell, it works very well. Please note that it is for people who are right-handed. I am both handed ambidextrous and so it doesn’t matter but I first clipped it on my left side and noticed that right away.
However, it deploys to the rear nicely as well.

I like putting the head of the defender down to the bottom of the clamshell and that way I don’t pull the clamshell off my belt or pants pocket.


Above you see the solo kydex clip holster, a neck rig with the solo holster, a “yellow” snap lanyard, and finally the Max Nail holster. These are easy to use, easy to carry, and can really help in your deployment of the defenders or the Max Nail. Note: tools not included.

Easy Carry Options​ Menu

Package Deals

Travel Package

Give them Hell Package

HELL NO package

We offer some great savings with our package deals. Check them out with the clickable menu below.

Package Deals Menu


We have some “one of” collectibles that we feel is a bit of our past and pointed the way to our product line. In many cases, we might have a few of them or just one design. So we offer them to our great fans as they can be part of our founding and part of the development of the self-defense gadgets! You have to get them while they are available; once gone, that is it!

Collectibles​ Menu

Xmas Specials

As we do celebrate Christmas or in some cases “happy holidays”, we offer specials for under the tree. So, make sure as you shop for those special people in your life check out something really unique and could save their lives. Do presents get any better than that?

Xmas Specials​ Menu

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