Introducing the Max Nail

After many months of testing, changing, optimizing we finally have the new Max Nail tool I have been working toward.  This last weekend (Oct 17th) we put the nail to the test.  We had my birthday party here with all my highly trained martial artists and law enforcement, what they said about this new Max Nail… it was nothing short of devastating! 

Each Max Nail is stamped with the Sierra Pacific Railroad identification and a unique number for each tool.  That makes it “one of a kind” so can be a collectible in the near future. 

Finally, the Max Nail is ready for purchase.  Each nail comes with 72″ of 550 cord so you can throw the Max Nail but yet recover it for another throw. Also, comes with the “swallow” tail for pressure point or even bone attacks.  

Also, be sure to get the Max Nail Holster too…

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