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On this page, I’m going to provide some great training, FREE to my visitors and clients. I am going to try to intermix current event topics with defender training, questions & answers, and product education. I hope you enjoy these videos and share them with your family! If you should have a topic for a video please feel free to email me at  Also remember the following: Just stop and think for a moment…what is your life worth? You need to understand how to protect yourself from the bad guys!

Disabled Veteran Owned and operated.

Active self protection is the name of the game and such a study can save your life or the lives of your loved ones.

Overall Carjacking movie for your self defense and self defense tools.

Overall Carjacking movie for your active self protection and self defense tools.

What are the best self-defense weapons?

You would think this would be an easy question to answer but not true. Each of our self-defense plans or needs are different than others. Each of our daily lives are very much different and when you fold in your age etc. things are seldom the same. So, this video will help you form a plan that fits you and your lovedones.

Carjacking video information

Overall carjacking video: I am unapologetic on my passion for self defense. So in this short video get ready to listen and take notes! What you learn here might just one day save your life and the lives of your loved ones.

Attack the Weapons Defender Bite #1

Defender Bite #1

Defender Bite #1″ Attack the Weapons”: in this short video you will learn a strategy that we call “attack the weapons”; which you can use for your own self defense. This strategy also goes a long way in your attaining active self protection. This video will help you in your own self defense but also with learning how to use a defender self defense gadgets.

Defender Bite #2…Four rules, stages, and laws of a violent attack.

The four stages of a violent attack.

These are the four laws, stages, or rules that a violent attack usually follows. Once you know the stages you can get your way out. This video helps you to understand the stages and what you can do about them. I travel the world and where ever I go I get mugged, on purpose. I get myself out of the mugging by using these four simple steps.  You will also hear some success stories about people who did simple things to stop a mugging or even worse.

Defender bite #3 Mob attack and what to do!

Daylight attack

I was asked to look at this mob attack video and see if I had any suggestions. So I watched it and boy did I ever. So I did this video in the same fashion I did the USMC Marine Corps martial arts training videos, with stop action and lessons. Enjoy!

Hiking and camping safety

Defender bite #4 Hiking and camping safety

When you hike or camp you can be the target for violence. Why? First, you are out where the law can’t get to you, and; two, you are mostly alone. Yep, that is a recipe for an attack. Listen, you are out in nature, and let’s face it, the bad guys can see you and you can’t see them. Worse is the fact that when they attack your help is well over 20 minutes away. Think about it; lots can happen in 20 minutes. So, you need to start thinking of how to protect yourself in this environment, and yes, it’s a sad day you have to do this but it’s very true. So, this short video might be able to help you think about it plus give you some options.

Customizing your defender

You must have the ability, if you desire, to customize your defenders. This short video covers some of that and the reasons why one might like to do this. Especially for your active self protection and to get across the concept of “NO” means “NO.”

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