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When the bad guys come a calling...give them the bad frightful horrible day.

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A very important message from Master Peter Brusso

Our world has become super violent over the last few years. No one has the right to hurt you or your family. If there was ever a time to own and carry a Defender Self Defense Tool, it’s NOW. I see people getting mugged, raped, attacked, plus injured now more than at any other time of my life. The muggings seem to cross all ages, places, or even color. The attackers do great harm and find it funny in many cases. 

This is a deplorable state of affairs we have been faced with lately. With the cry to disarm everyone, the attack on the second amendment, we need some “self-defense options.”

 So, consider a few things:

  1.  These tools are so affordable compared to other options.
  2. They take about 20 minutes to learn.
  3. They are legal (I’m no lawyer but have had many consults with them on this issue).
  4. You can carry them where you go, have them in your vehicle, or as part of your anti-home invasion strategy. 

As you look over your defender options, the easy carry items, and other offerings (package deals), please feel free to contact Master Peter Brusso.

Can Save Your Life | Legal | Safe 

Non-lethal | Travels Well

Get yours today and be safe!

These Solo Tools are just plain Wonderful for your self defense!

Look at the family of our self-defense weapons!

The family of devastation has arrived!

Your attackers will fear you!

Just arrived in December 2021, our new lineup of “Devastating” Defenders. The mission was to develop a set of Defenders that would do maximum damage quickly. Why might you ask? With the astronomical rise in violent crime across America, we need self-defense weapons to stop these attackers from hurting you more.

Imagine, if you get carjacked, someone jumps in your passenger seat and demands you drive or get out. You deploy one of these tools quickly, from your Kydex holster neck rig or the like, and start stabbing, slicing, and cutting them! Unleash “Holy Hell” on them!

These Defenders are very different by design as many of our self-defense weapons work as pain infliction devices and thus discourage someone from attempting to injure us any further. As said, these self-defense weapons unleash the dogs from HELL on them. Please do yourself a favor and check them out!

Our Standard Defender Line

The Guppy [everyday carry] click picture for more information
The Defender 1 [everyday carry] in clear now too. Click picture for more information
The Defender 2 [aggressive] click picture for more information
Spec Ops 2 [aggressive] click picture for more information
The Parrot [aggressive] click picture for more information
The Swan [extremely aggressive] click picture for more information
The Owl [extremely aggressive] click picture for more information
The Ronsonator [very aggressive] click picture for more information
The RP Defender [aggressive] click picture for more information
The Stealth [aggressive] click picture for more information

See What are People Saying?

Easy Carry Options

Mission specific Defenders

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Meet our Instructors

Meet our newest Defender Instructor Lisa A. Dessenberger

Lisa Dessenberger is from Gilbert, AZ, and became a Certified Defender Instructor in February 2022. She has a fervent passion for, and specializes in, helping and teaching women and girls of all ages to protect themselves, using the very effective line of Defender tools.

Our Defender Instructors are all over the world!

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