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Clear Defender 1 family pack

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Original price was: $67.80.Current price is: $47.46.

Here we have great savings for you! We have reduced this package by 30% savings for you! In the clear family pack of FOUR defender 1’s, it makes it super easy to outfit your family or to place inside your home as part of your anti-home invasion strategy. 

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It is darn near invisible.
Again, unless you knew where it was…you would miss it.

The fact that these clear really helps to blend into whatever it is placed on. The clear defender 1 works the same as a “Black” but has the added benefit that it is difficult to see. Thus, when you carry them, it becomes just like camouflage as it takes the color and pattern of whatever is behind it. The clear defender 1 family pack will also go a long way to putting them on the walls of your home where you spend the most time. Thus, you are always within an arm’s reach of the defender’s self-defense weapon as the pictures show how easy the clear defenders blend into the background.


1 review for Clear Defender 1 family pack

  1. DMT Long (verified owner)

    Remember to carry a Defender > Great for your vehicle and all throughout the home

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