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The “Black and Clear” defender 1 pack

Original price was: $31.90.Current price is: $25.52.

Here you can get the best of both colors of the self-defense weapon. As you might have read, the individual Black D1 and the new Clear D1 have their benefits.

Availability: 12 in stock

The clear version can just “Disappear” when you place it against a background. If you need to deploy the Clear version, it will be difficult for your attackers to see what you are holding. This can work in your favor as it can scare them to run. We had one defender client that the clear defender did just that. He said it saved his life! The D1 in black has shock value as your attackers; in fact, see you have some kind of menacing weapon. So, this Value Pack offers you both options at a 20% discount!


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