You realize the psychological edge…

Used the Defender on the JOB!

Bryson 400 pix at Mohican Sun Casino

Hi Master Brusso I just bought another Defender 1 from you and just wanted to let you how impressed I am with your products. I am a policeman and think your Defenders are the best last ditch/weapon retention tool. Do you or would you consider doing a video on weapons retention techniques for law enforcement. I have used you Defenders on the job and it has gotten me out of some potentially dangerous situations. Thanks again Bryson


The delivery of punishment!

Los Angeles

Legal self defense tools are a must in the concrete jungle many workers have to traverse every day.  Weapons training is a must to protect yourself so let it be a legal self defense gadget.  The self defense tools or defenders are an excellent choice for your personal defense.

I interact with some of the top executives in the world of business and train many of them in the art of Executive Self Defense. They travel the world with regularity and in an ever-changing dangerous environment must meet the new challengers of today. I recommend the Defender as the first line of defense. It is easy to carry; it does not look like something life-threatening (even though it is) and it is easy to use. The best part is you have so many styles to choose from it allows you to custom one to your own personality and skill set. The fact you have the Defender along with easy to use instruction makes this a must-have as you can control the delivery of punishment you determine necessary. As a Martial Artist, I carry many weapons but rely on the Defender tool as my first line of defense.

Larry B. Ahlquist
Los Angeles

You realize the psychological edge…

Self defense weapon at the berlin wall Germany


Attached is a picture of me taken 3 days ago holding my clear Defender 1 in front of what is left of the Berlin Wall. This was the last stop of a trip that also took me to Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania – all in the company of my trusty Defender 1. The clear one is the Boss! No one even notices it. And after carrying it in some seedy places, you really realize the psychological edge you have over anyone else – especially if you have seen what it can do 😉




It blew my mind!

Self defense weapon

I have just read the book the men who stare at goats and was very interested to learn what the “predator/defender” was I found your website and just ordered your self defense tool and DVD it blew my mind at what you are doing with such a simple nonthreatening looking tool I haven’t received the tool or DVD yet but have been watching your videos online and showed my friend them she is a single mom who is about 5’3″ and a 110 lbs dripping wet I have bought her pepper spray so she can at least deter an attack and get away.

A few days after she saw the videos a man tried to carjack her in her work parking lot, like a lot of women she has 10 lbs of crap in her purse and trying to get keys or anything for that matter is quite an ordeal, and in no way fast. Anyway after we watched your videos I worked with her a little on what she could do to defend herself borrowing a lot from what you have online, 

when she was attacked for her car she was grabbed from behind, she stabbed the man in the back of the hand with a pen (who immediately let go) then in the arm below the elbow then in the area by the collar bone and finally in the face, she walked away a little shaken up but unscathed.

I know what she did was because of what she saw online at your site I will be buying more of your tools/DVD’s and advise everyone I know to do the same, the techniques you have are simple and devastating the best combination for self defense.

Even though it was an attempted carjacking who knows how it might have turned out if she had not done what she had learned on your site.

Anyway I really appreciate the fact you have this information on your site. Even though the videos don’t scratch the surface, the basic ideas and techniques are unique and easily used by someone with no experience at all, and with almost anything.

And the fact that with only a pen a small woman can throw around a man with a height and strength advantage is fantastic. I will stop rambling now and I will end on this I am sold as a customer and someone who will try to send you business from family and friends.

Thank you so much Master Brusso
best regards

Aaron Brown

I’m Gobsmacked!

Self defense weapon defender 1

From an email dated 11/23/09

“Well Sir what can I say, I have taught martial arts, Jiujutsu, japanese weapons, escrima, self-defense and Kyusho for twenty years, and recently I retired from dojo teaching to just teach private students, and in all that time little have ever surprised me…. your tool has. I have been playing with your defender 1 for the last two days and frankly am gobsmacked at its versatility its a kyusho/dim mak practitioner’s dream, utterly fantastic. Moves like a Karambit, combined with small circle locking on the thumb, combined koppo on pressure points. Just fantastic….all the best to you sir.

“Renshi Darren Carmichael”


I nearly got mugged!

Self defense weapon spec ops 2

News Flash.. Or Email that is. I just got this email from a new Defender client… Here it is…

Hi Peter… Just to let you know I was in London late the other evening and nearly got mugged by two large chaps. I took my defender out of my pocket and held it sort of as you would a gun… the conversation between the two bad guys went something like this “he has a thing in his hand what is it? Don’t know… let’s get out of here”. End of story.

My defender lives in my pocket just like a set of keys even the police here have not commented on it and even a pocket torch is considered to be an offensive weapon here.

Great little gadget! While I was learning to use it at the self defense /boxing club, it annoyed the hell out of those who were helping me. They were definitely pain compliant and just could not get a grip to hold on me… all simple moves nothing fancy.

Thanks Les
United Kingdom

Out of the box thinking!

Master Peter Brusso showing Jon Ronson how a self defense weapon defender 1 is used.

Jon Ronson BBC Channel 4 and Master Peter Brusso in “crazy rulers of the world” here you see Mr. Ronson in a finger capture with a self defense tool “defender 1”.  Master Brusso was first in Jon Ronson‘s book “men who stare at goats” now being made into a movie starring George Clooney. His book is centered on the First Earth Battalion!

A few months ago, we were sitting watching TV here in the UK and Master Brusso came on, showing a documentary on the benefits of the Defender.

We were amazed.

So after the show I got on the net and started to look for where we could buy one. Within a week we were training every night, probably a little too rough, but it helped us to learn quickly!!

Feeling like we’d found something new and exciting to do in our spare time, so we emailed Master Brusso and ordered the “Be Real” series.

Within a week the next challenge had arrived, our wounds hadn’t had time to heal before we were training again… But this time without the Defender.

Self defense weapon at work!
Self defense weapon at work!

The Be Real series has opened our eyes, not only to a whole new world of self defense, but also how to react in a dangerous situation; from car jacking, gun-point robbery and crazed knife attackers to Master Brussos’ own daughter, Paige Brusso, explaining and demonstrating well, how to handle an attacker at your front door; to a devastating effect.

The Sensei-hood audio disc we received a few weeks ago has already nearly worn out we’ve listened to it so much. Whether you want to be a Legendary Sensei, a top student, or need a refresher in being a good human being, it’s all in the Sensei-hood CD.

The Defender, Be Real, and of course the guiding hand of Master Brusso has shown us the path to a safer and more positive future. The information and help we have been given, for small costs to ourselves, has been priceless. Thanks to Master Brusso and his team of top Sensei’s, and to Paige, Cj, and Be Real Dave, without you we’d have held back on the pain!!!!

Ad and Matt. Faithful UK students.

After the body slam… to me!

Where_in_the_World_0373_01So there I am minding my own business at a local food store when I see my ex-girlfriend with her new boyfriend standing across the aisle.

She taps him on the shoulder, points to me and giggles, it super pisses me off, but when he flips me the bird, I get concerned.

He’s a foot taller than me and must weigh at least 80 lbs. More.I try to ignore it, but they follow me right out the door and the guy starts taunting me. His mistake, though, is that he thinks I just have car keys and some silly plastic doohickey in my hand.

Little does he know it’s my Spec Ops Defender. Anyway, he pushes me from behind and I turn around fast, and take a ready stance.

She urges him on and he comes at me, not with a punch, but with some kind of lame WWF body slam. I simply bring the End Point of my Spec Ops up to his xyphoid process (just below the ribcage) and his body weight does the rest.

He yelps in pain, but because I’ve wrapped my left arm around his torso and done a backwards roll with him on top, he can’t stop the edge from digging deeper.

If he had not been wearing a hefty sweatshirt, or if I had used even a moderate amount of thrust (which I didn’t even have to do), I probably would have really hurt him, or at least caused a xyphoid fracture or pneumothorax. Who knows?

Anyway, he screaming, trying to roll off me, which he does, and gets up staring at this hole in his shirt saying, “M——-r f——-r, what did you do? He obviously doesn’t want any more of me or my wacky car key doohickey and backs off.

The X is pissed when she realizes what has happened, since I showed her how to use the Defender 1 I gave her as a gift a long time ago. Some people never learn.

Mike H.,
Dana Point CA.

Pure Genius!

self defense weapon training DVDMaster Brusso, I just received my order from yourself, I am extremely pleased with the contents!

I am a big fan of “Out of the Box” thinking, and these tools are definitely pure genius! Even though you wouldn’t think so after first unpacking it!! I have been training in martial arts for about 4 years, after watching the DVD I could see how this tool could be used to devastating effect, or as a compliance tool.

Rob (United Kingdom)

I am going to learn to use the Defender because I love it and the movements come instinctively for me.

From István in Hungary!

Istvan ordered a digital starter kit and I sent him the video link; as well as, sent him a defender 1. He was so impressed with the video that I also sent him a few more and asked for a honest review for his video gifts… here is what he said:

Well, Master Brusso…

Here is what I think.

I liked your Defender method for two and a half things. First is, that is resembles me on my main interest, situation shooting. With such a small movement you can have a tremendous effect, just like pulling the trigger in a shooting.

Second, it is like a slow dance.

During my private shooting “training” where my instructor used “less-than-ideal” circumstances (to get the idea: you sleep and get a bucket of icy water on you and you still have to perform well on the shooting range disoriented, half-frozen) I learned to get over the difficulties and got into a sort of trance where locating and neutralizing the targets was like a slow-motion dance although it happened very fast for the spectators.

And finally, I had a feeling that this sort of method you use is a spiritual battle. Between the raw dumb force of a bad attacker and the enlightened master who knows a special secret to stop the attack. Moreover, you do not kill or seriously mutilate the opponent, which is a very feature of a spiritual warrior.

Then I stumbled upon the video you are in with the First Earth Battalion idea and Jim Channon. Wow! The part when you project your thoughts into the opponent’s head is just amazing.

I do not find better words because my English is limited and I guess words cannot properly describe what I feel. So I put my feeling here, into this empty space: . (I think you know now what I mean). I know quite a lot about Colonel Channon and his work.

Being an avid student of mental discipline I found it really interesting. I mostly deal with reaching the inner silence and focusing a single thought, whatever it may be. My guess is that it is similar to the method people used in goat staring or that which you used for projecting your thoughts.

Now, let me tell you this: I am going to learn to use the Defender, because I love it and the movements come instinctively for me. But if you can teach me on higher techniques like you applied… well, this is what really interests me. In fact, this is the only thing that interests me.

Kind regards,

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