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Two Wrist Lanyards and 2 D1’s

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In the Iraq war, we had some military that used the defenders. One of their use was to have it on a “fixed” lanyard (cord) around their wrist. While they were doing pat-downs, I got pictures of that and saw the fixed lanyards and saw the defender hanging down from their wrist. Now, this is a great way to deploy your defender as a quick whip will bring it back into your hand for use. I was not too fond of a fixed cord around one’s wrist as it could be grabbed and pull you down. In comes our own Dr. Q, and he came up with a cool breakaway wrist lanyard.

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This new lanyard comes with a hook for your belt loop, an adjustable cord for your wrist size, and a breakaway snap. So, you can it can do double duty. First, it acts as a standard lanyard as it hooks on you, and a quick pull of your defender is deployed. You can also put it on your wrist and hold your Defender (like during a run or in a bad area) if you need to drop your defender to open a gate or car door, yet have your defender ready to snap it back into your hand for use quickly.

To the left is a picture of one of our new wrist lanyards in more detail. This special, you get two of these wrist lanyards and two Defender 1’s. Note: we send the lanyard with a “long” tail to be tied to the defender self-defense weapon you want to carry.

With this special, you need to put the defenders on the long tail, tie it, and then cut off the excess to help you “size” the length of the tool as it hangs from your belt loop. You can learn to tie a “bowline” knot in this video


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