Self Defense Tool FAQ’s

I always suggest you start with the “digital starter kit”. It comes with a defender 1 and the unlimited online training, which covers most of the tools available. It truly is a launching point for the purchase of the tools you might need for your self defense.
It turned out that many people have particular needs for their self defense and always seemed to purchase sets of tools. So I made up those sets and offered a discount for those sets of tools. This way I could accommodate my client’s needs best.
You have to check your own state or country laws but as I have looked, most are very legal everywhere in the world. I’m not a lawyer or a specialist in this subject but all you have to do is look at the laws governing where you live. I can say, it’s not an edged weapon, it’s not bludgeoning weapon, and it’s not a ballistic weapon, so it really doesn’t fall into any known category of weapon. Thus, I think it slips between the current weapons laws. Again, you have to take the lead here and take the responsibility to research your location and their laws. ITS A SELF DEFENSE TOOL!
Yes it does with the exception of the Ronsonator and the Stealth, which were invented after the online video was made. However, once you understand the principles behind the tools, you can see what to do with the other two mentioned above.
Yes, early on I had 5000 pieces made overseas. The tooling used made the edge rough. This can work to your tactical advantage, let me point that out right away so it doesn’t really draw away from the tool use. That being said, the defender 1 (black and clear), the swan, owl, RP defender and the spec ops 2 are now made by CNC machine in the USA. Thus, the edges are smooth. I plan to have all the tools made in this way once my stock is out of the others.
My teacher, Master Ed Martin, brought a thing called a “duk” with him on his trip out to see me one year. He trained me on that tool and as an engineer I said “good idea but no cigar”. I could see that the tool could grow up to more fully featured. I asked his permission to do so and make a line of my own, and he said “go for it Peter”. So I did. Now we have 13 plus models, each bringing new capabilities online for your self defense. To give credit where credit is due, Master Martin told me that the Duk idea came from and ancient Indian weapon and was brought to his attention via a policeman from Texas.
Yes. We have had no issues with tools in checked on baggage. Again, you should check the laws of where you are going but as yet, we have had no issues at all. Now we don’t always tell them what they are for, rather we say they are cooking tools or the like. It’s your call. I personally want to protect myself and know what side of the force I’m on so I don’t have an issues stretching the truth a bit.
We do it all the time. They are not on the “no fly list” as far as I know. Some day they might be. A guppy model should be able to go anywhere, even under high scrutiny. It really is nothing more than a piece of plastic that looks like a fish or a religious symbol.
Absolutely not! This tool can be learned in a short time and be used by anyone plus almost any age. We have taught children how to use them and had them attacked by their dad’s, usually, and they do a fine job in their defense.
For close quarter combat, yes. But pepper spray and Tasers have their place in your self defense arsenal too. They are mostly “standoff” tools but once the attacker is close to you, a defender is a fine choice for your self defense.
The USA models are 1/4″ plastic and the overseas models are 3/8″. The thicker tools are better but clearly the 3/8″ ones work just fine. As I said, I will be moving all models to CNC machine made and 1/4″ thickness.
Each model brings a new feature or two into play for your self defense. The guppy being the first model which brought the concept of “kinetic energy” attacks to the tool design. The Rabbit being the next one brought the digit capture capability and the soft tissue capture capability. The defender 1 brought the “power of the point” to your self defense. Each model brings something new to the table and these are discussed in detail in the general training online video.
Yes. We have links on the PDWS.biz site and also over at Awarriowsway.com site (look at the page for movies). Also at awarriorsway you can watch the weekly training videos as we from time to time use the defenders.
The lanyard came first. I needed a way to carry the tool and yet simple deployment. Later another person invented the holster and we got into business together. I love both means to deploy the tool but the holster brings a capability that a lanyard just didn’t. You can have holsters in various configurations: neck holster, under the arm holster, on the belt holster or even screw a holster to the back of your front door so you can keep a tool there where you might need it.
That is a protective covering over the plastic. Just peal it off and you are good to go.
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