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We have developed the mini Self Defense Key Ring called the “Eian.” It is legal in all 50 states and overseas too. Look at this beauty as it is easy to carry, has industrial strength, and can protect you in ways you can’t comprehend. Revolutionary design: on the product page, you can learn how it’s a revolution and how it works.

Our Kanji is now available for the Extraordiniary Defenders

What better way to sport your Extraordinary Defender than with a brand! Our Kanji is now available, so when you purchase your Defender, consider adding a Kanji Brand for your Defender.

Our newest Extraordinary Defender "Blur of Darkness"

Available in Clear, Pink, Blood Red, Fluorescent Orange, Fluorescent Green, Blue, and Coke Bottle Green. Make sure to remember to pick your color at the time you order!

This is a very serious Defender. As it was designed for one thing and one thing only, which is shown in the book too, it is already proven to be a great Defender to carry for your safety! It has a chisel edge head which also has what we are calling hyper sharp points. This head design was designed to cause lot’s of damage very quickly. It also has a longer handle to accommodate large or small hands, and couple this with our newest feature; the finger notch. This helps you hold onto the tool regardless of how wet it gets. Finally, it has a chisel double edge pommel that can stab with ease. 


The Blur of Darkness Book description:

By day, Chloe is an unassuming floral designer and floral design instructor. A best friend’s tragic loss to gang violence turned her into the Blur of Darkness. Unknown to all but a very few, Chloe had grown up learning to be a Ninja. One of Ninjutsu’s elements is hiding in plain sight, which is precisely what Chloe is doing. Nobody would expect vigilante violence from a beautiful black woman who helps run her father’s flower company. The Ninjas helped balance power in Japan for 1,500 years, and Chloe felt she had to do something to balance the violence of a new street gang.

This gang was different from most other gangs. Its street thugs were all underage, so the progressive city government would just turn them loose when caught. The gang’s leader had a BS degree in mathematics and used this skill to maximize his profit, regardless of the law or his impact on society.

The gang had never run up against a force like Chloe. She brought the 1,500-year teachings of her Ninja clan and combined those skills with modern technology and traditional weapons. Join the action of this thrilling tale of ancient arts meeting modern society, but be warned that you may have trouble putting it down. 

Here is the link to the book, and now you can have the Defender that this super heroin used! https://tiny.one/yk6jzcyp

2023 New Defender of the Year is available NOW

It’s that time of the year, and we are offering our 2023 Defender of the Year! It’s a nasty one too! We will retire the 2022 Defender of the year on December 31st at midnight. The 2023 version is just nothing short of badass.

Click the Defender pictures below to view that Defender

Feeling safe these days? What is your life worth?

These are the current colors that we are using. If you see a new Defender but the color isn’t listed then it will be coming soon or you can request that color via email.

The Ninja Defender

Why did we name it the Ninja Defender? Ninjas carry many hidden weapons, and this particular Defender also has many hidden features. Long ago, we worked on a Defender only for Defender instructors, and we prototyped a few. We never moved forward with it as, at that time, we only had a few instructors compared to today. If you have been following our Aweber emails, you have seen we have gone back in time. We found a box of historical Defenders labeled “miscellaneous,” and we dove right in. What we found was something north of priceless. Those Defenders had great promise and direction; however, we could take them to the next level, and with the passage of time, our knowledge plus experience from the field made them better.

The Ninja Defender is made up of crazy new Defender features. I won’t list them all here, but you can hit the “Learn more” button to see it in detail. That said, it has a top edge that is used as a horizontal blade to cut large wounds in your attacker. It contains “Beek Bits” or “Beek Pieces” like the Defender Parrot for anti-grapple and to use to damage punches or kicks thrown at you. Then you will see two other new features, the pistol grip and the “V” notches on the pommel. When the Defender is used as a “push knife,” these notches enter into the body cavity and rip a hole on the way in and on the way out. So, head over to the “Learn more” button to check out the Ninja Defender.

The Ninja Defender in Thick handle for larger hands

CLEAR COLOR: The Thick Version for large hands

RED COLOR: The Thick Version for large hands

PINK COLOR: The Thick Version for large hands

The Ninja Defender in Thin handle for smaller hands

CLEAR COLOR: The Thin Version for smaller hands

RED COLOR: The Thin Version for smaller hands

PINK COLOR: The Thin Version for smaller hands

The Twin Dragon Tails

Out of the old box marked “miscellaneous” came this red long curved Defender. As I looked at it, I couldn’t remember making it; however, the more I looked at it, I saw some absolute brilliance at the design’s start. Much time has passed since that early start, so I started to fold into the design many of our field experiences plus new additions. This became the “Twin Dragon Tails Defender.” This is a great Defender for your self-defense, and it will serve you well. It will deliver tons of damage very quickly, which should make the bad guy change his mind about attacking you anymore!

This video just came in from Master John Enger, out for a hike with his Twin Dragon Tails Self Defense Tool. This is what you could do to your attacker if it came down to this for your self-defense.

CLEAR COLOR: Twin Dragon Tails Defender

RED COLOR: Twin Dragon Tails Defender

The Dragon Edge

The Dragon Edge Defender was initially created by Master Kerry Lewis [one of Master Brusso’s students of many years]. It consisted of a very devastating head of the weapon, a thin straight handle, and a sharp point at the end [pommel] of the weapon. It also had a really cool Japanese cord wrap on the handle. We made one in RED as a prototype and liked it. However, we wanted to tweak it a bit.

CLEAR COLOR: The Dragon Edge Defender

RED COLOR: The Dragon Edge Defender

PINK COLOR: The Dragon Edge Defender

The Defender of the Year 2022

Long time incoming! I have wanted to do a “Defender of the Year” for almost four years. A friend of mine suggested it way back, and we both started looking for a CNC router that runs off a home-based PC. Well, that technology was out of reach for many years. A year or so back, it looked like we had a solution, but as I looked into it more, the engineer in me, no joy. Now, with an artisan approach, we can move forward with the Defender of the Year.

The Defender of the Year will be produced for that year only. Then, the following year we will design another “Defender of the Year.” These will become Defender collectibles and can be sold or traded for other Defenders. However, they can be a priceless addition to their defender collection for a Defender fan.

You can see from the Defender of the Year 2022 it is like nothing you have seen before. Go to the “Learn more” button to read about all the features this bad boy sports!

CLEAR COLOR: The Defender of the Year 2022

RED COLOR: The Defender of the Year 2022

The Eckmeier Defender

A contest named this. The winner Fynn Schulz from Bavaria, Germany, chose the name based on the movie “The men who stare at goats,” where George Clooney plays Master Brusso in real life, and they had the original Defender 1 in the movie [then called “A predator.” We want to thank everyone who participated in the contest via our “Aweber signup form,” so if you have not signed up for our emails, newsletters, contests, and even FREE giveaways, please consider doing just that.

With all the violence and lawlessness in America, I wanted to create a Defender that delivers a maximum dose of communication to an attacker.

That communication is “No, you won’t attack me anymore.” No, you won’t carjack me! No, you won’t rob me! No, you won’t rape me. No, you are not going to mug me. Basically, a communication of NO to any activity with me.

In a carjacking situation, you would pull the Eckmeier off of your Kydex holster neck rig and start hitting them with the swallowtail end or stabbing them with the “V” notches plus slicing them with the Chesil edge. The Eckmeier Defender is a swift communicator of pain and a loud shout out of NO! We are able to offer these new Defenders because they are all handcrafted by an Artisan craftsman. Now available in colors too!


The Typhon Defender

America is erupting in violence, and we need a set of tools that will do an extreme amount of damage quickly. The Typhon Defender was designed for this mission. It has a sharp point in the front, a chisel edge on the top for slicing and cutting. The Typhon also has an excellent grip handle, a sawtooth section on the back with easy reach of your thumb. The sawtooth feature will produce cuts and injuries like you can’t believe.

In addition, the pommel has one side as a chisel edge for more cutting and smashing functions. It was designed for these missions: anti-robbery, anti-violence, anti-raping, anti-mugging, anti-kidnap, anti-home invasion, and anti-ANYTHING you don’t want to occur. The Typhon has easy carry options like the clamshell holster, the Kydex clip holster, the Kydex neck rig, the solo Kydex clip holster, and the standard Defender lanyard.



The Traveler Defender

If you want a Defender to go anywhere with you, the Traveler is a good option. The Traveler Defender has a few features that the standard Guppy defender doesn’t, which results in you getting more options for your “go anywhere” tool. The Traveler Defender has three specific options that the Guppy doesn’t. 

  1. Smaller impact area in the front. This means that the kinetic energy transfer from the Defender to the target is concentrated into a smaller spot, resulting in more damage and pain.
  2. The digit capture hole allows for more potential anti-grapple capability. It also allows the Traveler to be carried in a Kydex holster neck rig or a Kydex holster solo with a clip. The latter allows you to clip the tool onto your clothing, backpack, or the like.
  3. The pommel end of the Defender is slightly pointed to increase the damage done to a target because of the smaller area for kinetic energy transfer to the target. Not to be too technical here, but we all know a pointed stick hurts more than a non-pointed stick!

So, this Defender is an excellent choice for everyday carry and can go anywhere because it has no sharp points or cutting surfaces. In addition, it has more easy carry options compared to the Guppy.


Extraordinary Defenders Review by legendary Sensei Master John Enger

Extraordinary Defenders Review by

Master John Enger

Extraordinary is an appropriate description of this particular family of self defense tools known as “Defenders”….not that Master Peter Brusso’s first generation of Defenders aren’t quite amazing in and of themselves! What has been done with this next generation of tools is what I believe to be two steps beyond the first in terms of design and for a very good reason. These new tools are meant to be used to address violent behavior that is about to be perpetrated on you as a potential victim. I know of no one who cannot agree that the world at this present time we are living in isn’t a much more violent place to live in even compared to the last five years…quite honestly it’s off the leash! If you don’t believe me do your own research and you will find some seriously disturbing statistics and it is not going to get better.

You can buy a gun and that’s fine, but there are many other components that go with doing that and there are a great number of people who feel uncomfortable doing so for a variety of reasons. There is now wonderful options given to the average citizen to be able to train in under one hour’s time with these new family of “Extraordinary Defenders” to use and defend one’s self with devastating self defense tools when your life is truly in danger.

I have personally taken the time to test what devastation they can do on a flesh with the use of meat, large items of fruit and plastic gallon containers and I can personally attest that the wound channel tearing and penetration capability were no joke! Each of these “Extraordinary Defenders” — TYPHON, TWIN DRAGON TAILS, DEFENDER OF THE YEAR, DRAGON EDGE, THE ECKMEIER, and NINJA are designed not only for the martial artist, they are designed for self defense instructors or any private citizen who wants a serious self defense tool to protect themselves and end a violent attack quickly.

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