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Blur of Darkness Defender


This is one of our newest defenders, and it is named after Master Brusso’s new book, “Blur of Darkness,” found on Amazon.com. This tool was made for the type of self-defense that the main character experiences. It has a half-circle cutting surface on the top of the tool, hyper-sharp points to attack soft tissue, a finger retention notch, and a double chisel edge pommel at the bottom of the tool for stabbing and attacking your opponent’s skull.

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This is a very aggressive Defender and also has a digit capture hole that doubles as an attachment point for a kydex holster or kydex neck rig. It also comes with lanyard attachment holes at the bottom of the tool so that it can use our standard snap-apart lanyard. How to use it expertly is shown in the Blur of Darkness book, https://tinyurl.com/bdzbdnfr, which is fun to use your inventions in your fiction books too! Those that sampled the book said it was a page-turner. Here is the writeup on the book with the defender:

“By day, Chloe is an unassuming floral designer and floral design instructor. A best friend’s tragic loss to gang violence turned her into the Blur of Darkness. Unknown to all but a very few, Chloe had grown up learning to be a Ninja. One of Ninjutsu’s elements is hiding in plain sight, which is precisely what Chloe is doing. Nobody would expect vigilante violence from a beautiful black woman who helps run her father’s flower company. The Ninjas helped balance power in Japan for 1,500 years, and Chloe felt she had to do something to balance the violence of a new street gang.

This gang was different from most other gangs. Its street thugs were all underage, so the progressive city government would just turn them loose when caught. The gang’s leader had a BS degree in mathematics and used this skill to maximize his profit, regardless of the law or his impact on society.

The gang had never run up against a force like Chloe. She brought the 1,500-year teachings of her Ninja clan and combined those skills with modern technology and traditional weapons. Join the action of this thrilling tale of ancient arts meeting modern society, but be warned that you may have trouble putting it down.”


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