The New Max Nail


The new Max Nail is here! This is one of the most devastating tools of our product line.  It crashes right through my 4 by 4 wood knife targets!  This weapon is a game-changer when it comes to personal safety and personal self-defense. 

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The Max Nail will stop people in their tracks or have them running away, screaming! One of these was used in Mn during the riots and looting.  The person that used it stood in the doorway of his business, and that worked very well as it funneled people into the door as he only had to defend one person at a time.  At one point, he did do a 1/2 turn throw and knocked down one potential looter.  He was slow getting up and holding his chest.  I believe he ended up at a hospital with broken ribs. 


Don’t forget to get a max nail holster with this item!


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