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Max Nail Kydex Holster


Well, hot of the press literally, we have the kydex holster for the new Max Nail. The kydex holster holds the Max Nail by the friction from the double-layered wrapped cord [72 inches]. It is a flow-through design, so it is very water friendly.


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The Kydex Holster also comes with a spring clip so you can put it on a belt or a pair of pants. It makes carrying the Nail easy and deploys rapidly for your self-defense. Also, the Kydex Holster has a bar at the bottom, so your Max Nail can’t find a fun way out! 

Now we have a great way to carry the Max Nail with us, quick deployment, and waterproof holster all in one. Get yours today, especially if you are going to purchase a Max Nail, you will want one of these.


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