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Over the last few years, we have seen crime, rape, home invasions, and assaults rise like never before. The streets have become lawless, and criminals see no punishment at all! Violent crime, injuries, and death have become customary on the streets. In the Defender self-defense weapon world, we have changed our thinking from pain compliance to inflicting injury. Throughout this book, I will mention the Defenders as a primary tool for your self-defense, but this is a tool, not a plan.

This book was developed with a specific method of self-defense. First, we developed 34 techniques for self-defense specifically for NON-martial arts individuals. What is also unique about this book is that in the print version, it has QR codes you can “shoot” with your smartphone that will take you to a chunk of video for that particular technique. Using such technology crosses the boundary of a simple print book to an intelligent book.

Learn to become a legendary sensei! This book will take you through all that you need to learn to become a legendary sensei. Learn the 28 attributes that you need to have or learn to become a legend. Legends are not born; they are taught!

This book will also teach you how to teach children, perform meaningful black belt tests, and so much more. Don’t wait any longer in your path to becoming a legend!

As most of us realize that a fight begins and ends in our minds. This book takes you through how your mind works and also leads you into other areas of the martial arts, as a result. It teaches you how to read minds, influence things, and even play golf better. The reason we put the golf lessons in the book is for the fact that what we are teaching in the mind can be demonstrated on the golf course. No talking and “trust me” statements, go use this, and if you are a golfer, you will realize the power of these techniques. This book is a must-have for serious martial arts teachers, regardless of what type of martial art you teach!

This book consists of three distinct areas. First, it goes through each of the self-defense weapons in detail. This helps you understand the benefits of each model so you can purchase the ones that support what your world might bring.

Second, the middle of the book contains fighting strategies.  Many people purchase the self-defense weapons without the benefit of having some martial arts fighting strategies to use. So, we fixed that in the middle section as we discuss fighting in a crowd, how to exit a demonstration, how to hand looters, and more.

The last section is the self-defense weapons instructors manual. If you get excited and want to teach, now you have the manual.  All you have to do then is take a test and pay a fee; then, you will get all the other instructor’s files. As a plus, when you pass the 10 question test, you can have a free “micro-site” on should you want.

This book was initially written to support Master Brusso’s reality TV show. As we developed the book, we realized that this data didn’t exist anywhere else! No book on the Internet covered this topic or the depth of the topic.

So, we produced the Ninja’s Weapons Bible is for anyone interested in Ninja history or their weapons. We also covered many of the new weapons that came from the old ones. Like the poison water gun of old is now made in plastic and works really well.

This book, “Cure PTSD Today” is for anyone suffering the effects of PTSD.  The fact that you can cure it in one day sounds absolutely outrageous, but it is true. The technique was discovered by accident, not design. Peter Brusso suffered PTSD for 46 years, and in one day, he stopped his symptoms. By using this mental technique, his PTSD came back but left just as fast. After a few months, his PTSD never came back! So, if you know anyone who has PTSD, this might be the roadmap to stop the symptoms forever.

We all have stress and handle it as best we can. Sometimes good and other times not so good. This book takes the best techniques of some of our other books and puts them together to stop stress!

By using our techniques, you can handle stress and not suffer from the effects of stress. These techniques by themselves are great; however, couple them together, and you have a potent tool to knock the heck out of your stress!

Ever wonder how people make money and or a living off of selling things on the Internet? Well, Peter Brusso did, and he took two years off his own business to discover their secrets.

In this book, he shows you all the working parts of an online business. Now, it’s true you need a product (real or informational) or a service to sell, but this book will show you how to prosper on the Internet. This is a must-have book for anyone looking to do business on the Internet.

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