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Becoming a Defender instructor is really fulfilling as you can help save lives and build a business simultaneously. The world seems to have taken a nightmare pill. We now have muggins up off the charts, murder, rape, robberies, carjacking, and even home invasions. If you are looking for a business out of a box that will help others and save lives, then becoming a Defender instruction would be the thing for you to do.
You get everything you need to start your business to include a 30% discount on most of the items in our store. You will get the Defender teaching manual, attendance sheets, check-off list, links to supplemental training, links to get your instructor tee shirts, business card template, your email in test, and more.
How it works is that you get people interested in your 1-hour class for $25. You get ten people to teach, and you get $250 for your class. In the class, you sell defenders or package deals at full price from PDWS.biz website, and you pocket another 30%. Remember you purchased stock at a 30% savings, so when you sell the defenders at the end of the class, you get that back too.
You can teach as much or little as you want to make a lovely little home-based business helping to give your clients a better fighting chance at surviving a violent attack.

Become an instructor of the Self Defense gadget… make money and save lives… it doesn’t get any better than that! Purchase this option, and you will get the downloads for all the materials you will need. 

  1.  Teaching Manual
  2.  Attendance Sheet (blank so you can copy it and use it)
  3.  Check off list
  4.  Biz card template
  5.  Email in test
  6.  Instructions on what to do first
  7.  Supplemental audio file

Once you pass the test, and it’s relatively simple, so don’t worry… you will get a certificate that you can frame, you will get access to our wholesale price reduction of about 30%, a free microsite here on PDWS.biz, which you can use on your business cards, flyers, etc. Lots of benefits to becoming an instructor. Also, you will have access to purchase instructor gear from cafepress.com.

You can also purchase the Defenders Book over at Amazon.com [go to amazon and put “Peter Brusso” in the search bar]. This will make all the “Peter Brusso” books to display. You can even see the first 30 pages of The Self Defense Tools: The Defenders book. It covers all the current defenders in detail, shows some combat strategies, and contains the complete teaching manual.

Listen to the supplemental audio training:


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