Become an instructor


Become an instructorBecome a certified Self Defense Gadget instructor. This program has all you need to qualify for becoming an instructor of the Self Defense Gadget. What other business in a box can you purchase for just $49.95?

Instructors program picture copyBecome an instructor of the Self Defense gadget… make money and save lives… it doesn’t get any better than that! Purchase this option and you will get the downloads for all the materials you will need. 

  1.  Teaching Manual
  2.  Attendance Sheet (blank so you can copy it and use it)
  3.  Check off list
  4.  Biz card template
  5.  Email in test
  6.  Instructions on what to do first
  7.  Supplemental audio file

Once you pass the test, and it’s relatively simple so don’t worry… you will get a certificate that you can frame, you will get access to our whole sale price reduction of about 30%, a free micro site here on which you can use on your business cards, flyers, etc. Lots of benefits to becoming an instructor. Also you will have access to purchase instructor gear from


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