2022 NEW Solo Kydex Holster with a Robust Clip


2022 NEW SOLO Kydex Holster with a robust clip is now available. Yes, this allows you to place the holster anywhere on you, your gear, or in your house.



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This kydex holster fits any of our tools what have a capture hole. What is really nice about this option is that with the clip you can move the holster, very easily, to many different carry options: belt, shirt, gear, pants pocket etc. It is one of the most flexible options to carry your defenders that we currently enjoy. It comes with holes at the top of the holster so you can rig your own neck rig or other cordage fastening methods to you and your gear. If you want this to be a neck rig too, we have that option listed in another product here. This holster will also take any defender that already has a clip or a break away lanyard approach too. So you have the most flexibility that we can offer with this holster. The only added flexibility is to make it or purchase it into a neck rig. 


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