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The Defender 1 in CLEAR

Original price was: $18.95.Current price is: $16.95.

Back by popular demand and with an 11% discount! This self-defense gadget blends right into whatever you are wearing.  It’s kind of funny, but when you hang these clear tools on the walls of your house for home self-defense, they just “disappear”! Unless you know where they are, a bad guy will walk right past them.

Availability: 148 in stock

The clear defender 1 works just the same way as a Defender 1 in black. The cool thing about this tool is that even if you have this in your hand, it is still challenging to see what you are holding. This can be a terrific advantage for two reasons. First, what they might be able to see still doesn’t look like anything they have ever seen. Second, if they just don’t see it, you have a strategic surprise if you need to defend yourself. We are also offering a “Clear & Black” special where you can get one of each. In the home invasion case, it’s nice to have a clear defender 1 hanging in every room, nearby you and your loved ones, plus it just disappears. If you look at the picture on the left, you can see the “disappear” aspect of the Clear Defender 1.


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