Wrist and side lanyard with breakaway clip


We have also made a new lanyard that works just like the old one except it can fit on your wrist. If you carry your defender while you run or even search someone, we like to have a lanyard to “drop” the self defense weapon so you can use both hands. So, if you carry your weapon in your hands and need both hands, you have to put your self defense weapon “somewhere” while you use both hands. Well, this new lanyard allows you to have it “dangle” from your wrist. However, I have not been a fan of lanyards tied to my wrist so an opponent can grab it thus control my arm. Well… read on!

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This lanyard has a robust clip that can break away with a “large” tug thus freeing your arm from a potential grab to your tool/lanyard. Now, we don’t want to lose our tool but it’s better than having your opponent control your arm. However, it is nice to be able to let go of your weapon to use both hands, and then with a quick whip of your arm, the tool swings back up into your hand ready to use.

Great for running with your tool, having to tie your shoe or the like, drop your tool, take care of your business, and then whip it back up into your hand. Great freedom and yet extremely safe from your opponent grabbing your “dangling” self defense weapon and controlling your arm. This breakaway clip takes a good tug to break free so you won’t lose your weapon easily but when necessary you can jettison the weapon. The wrist lanyard comes with a “long tail” of cord so you can tie it to whatever self-defense weapon you want. I suggest you tie it on with a bowline knot. Here is a video link to show you how: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ALQzG-mx-qw



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