New Items

This page will highlight the new items that we offering or in some cases working on. Just an announcement place or a “heads up” place to see what we are doing to push more quality products for our clients. 

New "wrist" Lanyard

We watched many people carry our gadgets when running or even in the case of the military searching a person. The challenge is you need to use both hands therefore where do you put your defender?

When running, if you need to stop and open a gate, door, or even get a drink of water, where do you put your defender? So, we developed a lanyard for your wrist that connects to your defender. Now, I said I love lanyards but I don’t like a piece of rope connected to my wrist that the bad guy could get a hold of and control me!

So, we developed a “breakaway” wrist lanyard that will break away, however much stronger when compared to our standard “snap” lanyard, so it takes a really good “tug” for it to break away.

The new lanyard also comes with an adjustable wrist loop so it fits large to small wrists. Just connect your favorite tool and the spring hook can fit on your belt loop or the like. Much like a two one approach.

Clamshell Defender Holder

We are pleased to offer our new “clamshell” self defense weapons kydex holster. You can now carry ANY of our self defense weapons in this kydex holster and it fits on your belt or the like, with a very robust clip system. The friction of the kydex will hold the self defense weapon in place until you need it. Then a tug and it is deployed. Ready for purchase NOW

The Max Nail and Holster

The new Max Nail is, in one word, devastating! One year in development, as I said before it is really different than anything I have thrown before. I had to modify the tool in 3 areas and also tied it to my family grandfather who worked for Sierra Pacific Railroad. Each Nail comes with the cord, the modifications, and its own number stamped on the head of the nail. The Kydex holster is fantastic and a great way to carry the tool with you. The training is free too.


A nitsubo was invented by Master Brusso in 1981. It is a great “standoff” tool and will be offered on the defender website shortly. Below is an un-edited Nitsubo showing how it works. What is important with this tool is the weight and the “lively” cord attached to the weight. You can use this tool on a “yawara stick” [a stick] so you can use the stick as well as the weight. Watch the video below.

Coming Soon!

The defenders are great for women’s self defense, anti home invasion, and personal self defense. Easy to use and quick to learn, this is a great tool to protect you and your family. We have lots of options in tools and easy carry options so go shopping and see what these tools can do for you.

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