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This page will highlight the new items that we offering or in some cases working on. Just an announcement place or a “heads up” place to see what we are doing to push more quality products for our clients. 

Our Newest Defenders

The "Eian" mini Self-Defense Tool

Now, why is it so effective? We mentioned the first one: you can hold onto it very well without being considered brass knuckles. But look closely at the attack prongs. There are three features here that are not obvious to the casual observer. First, one prong is thicker than the other one. This causes an “Asymmetric” torque on the skin, fingers, or other soft tissue: one bites far more effortlessly, and that is from the thinner attack prong. The thicker one gives you an excellent base to apply the torque force onto the target.

Next, look at the “V” shape between the attack prongs, and you will notice a semicircle shape. This area allows soft tissue to move into the void, filling it, and this helps dramatically in getting as much tissue between the attack prongs as possible. It captures soft tissue deeply into the working part of the tool and thus creates far more damage. It simply gets more tissue into the prongs and easily holds it there.

The Blur of Darkness

Defender of the Year 2023

Our new Self Defense Drink Coasters for your office!

As part of the “hide in plain sight” program, we added a 4″ by 4″ ceramic drink coaster to the tools in this package. This drink coaster can be used to defend yourself against an attacker. Each tile weighs 5.5 Oz, so it carries a punch when you hit someone in the head, neck, back of hands, or the like. We will have a training video to show you how to use it. It will sit on your desk and hold your drink, and only you know the real purpose. This tile drink coaster is just a few new tools for the “hide in plain sight” program.

Our Newest Podcasts

Our Kanji is now available for our Defenders

We got a new Branding Iron made for the return of our Kanji Brand for our Defenders. It has been over 8 years since we offered our Brand on the Defender tools, and now we have brought it back. We needed to set up a tool bench and purchase a super upscale branding iron system to make it all happen. A great addition to your collection, and also they make great gifts. 

Family Pack Special BEST VALUE (8 Defender 1's, all Black, all Clear, or half and half)

Get your loved ones a Defender with this is a 22% savings!

Get some great options with this package, all for the same price. You can choose from:

  • 8 Defender 1’s in black
  • or 8 Defender 1’s in clear
  • or 4 Defender 1’s in black and 4 defender ones in clear

The first episode of our reboot podcast series

Learn some very valuable information about self-defense and many more topics. A time code on the podcast page will help you speed to areas of your interest. Enjoy

This was a surprise to all of us as this new self-defense weapon in working concept had been around for a long time. The video explains, so please watch that. That said, it is a fantastic new addition to the self-defense weapon lineup so use the “Learn More” button to see what else we are offering.

The NEW 2022 Travel Package! We have a new approach to your safety while you are traveling in the US or Abroad. This package contains:

  • Clear Defender 1
  • Clear Traveler (Extraordinary Defender)
  • Typhon (Extraordinary Defender) “very aggressive Defender
  • Typhon foam trainer
  • Neck Rig
  • Robust Clip Rig
  • Carabiner and a break-away lanyard
  • Sand Paper for all three Defenders
  • And our award-winning “Design your own personal self-defense plan”

Design your own Personal Self Defense Plan BOOK!

We had a free class on this very topic. However, there was so much more we need to cover and add to the concept that I wrote a book on this topic. This book has tons of great information and skill sets that the free video just couldn’t cover. So, I think this book should be purchased, studied, and used by everyone who purchases a Defender. That is how strongly I feel about the knowledge and skill sets that you can obtain by using this book as a foundation to your Defender driven self-defense.

Over the last few years, we have seen crime, rape, home invasions, and assaults rise like never before. The streets have become lawless, and criminals see no punishment at all! Violent crime, injuries, and death have become customary on the streets. In the Defender self-defense weapon world, we have changed our thinking from pain compliance to inflicting injury. Throughout this book, I will mention the Defenders as a primary tool for your self-defense, but this is a tool, not a plan.

There are two critical things to understand about the Be Real series.

1) The Be Real series of techniques is innovative due to its simplicity, form, and function. The form and function part follows two existing martial arts laws based on engineering principles. This, of course, is centered around physics and the ole saying KISS OFF, which means “Keep It Simple Stupid Or Face Failure.”

2) The use of technology. In print books, you read things, but it doesn’t connect you to the Internet. At the end of each step-by-step instruction lesson, you will find a QR code in Be Real. You can use your smartphone to scan that code, and your smartphone will take you to a chunk of video that will show you the video for that particular technique.

This means you learn the technique slowly and deliberately via the step-by-step learning method and then watch the video so your mind can integrate the new technique perfectly. This fusing of technology with the print world has seldom been done, so Be Real is on the cutting edge in Martial Arts and learning technology via the Internet.

When we invented the new “Family of Devastation” and started our “Self Defense Plan” videos, we needed a special package just for that video series. Please view the video on the left to learn more about this new package.

After we invented the new “Family of Devastation,” we had new options to make a new “Self-Defense” special package. Why might you ask? When it comes to your self-defense, you must travel on public vehicles, like planes, all the way out to being in public. What you need is flexibility! So, Defender Central put together a limited-time special package with the goal of self-defense flexibility. The Defenders are ALL IN CLEAR! Also, this is a limited time as we will sell 7 of these discounted packages. You know what to do if you want one!!!!

With our Personal Self Defense Video Series underway now, we need a package deal to go along with the teaching series. In addition, our new book is out, “Design your personal Self-Defense plan… stuffed full of great information. It contains QR codes in each section, so you can use your smartphone to access the video for that section!

We get asked this all the time so now we are going to offer a service to make YOUR Defender design. Watch the video and check out the design your own Defender page.

We did a fantastic upgrade to our standard RP Defender to make it now the “RPD Defender”. We increased the grip of the tool, put a chisel edge for cutting and slicing. We also moved where we put the grip friction tape and the new Robust clip. Take a look! Offered in Clear and RED colors.

New robust clips for the Defenders

We have replaced our previous clip on the defenders with a more robust clip. We have field-tested this clip and love it. Fits nicely inside or outside the pants pocket, web gear, or other places on the clothing.

We field-tested this new clip for over 20 days and found it stayed exactly where you wanted it. There was no slipping or dropping of your Defender due to the clip or snagged clothing; it just stayed in place. Yet, when you want it, the Defender deployed clean and nice. It comes with a screw attachment, so you can still make it either a left or right-handed configuration.

Plus, another great feature is it’s at the same price! This clip will now be used on the Kydex Holster with Clip and the Kydex Holster neck rig with clip.

A New Master Brusso Book!

In Print and Kindle: Be Real

This book was developed with a specific method of self-defense. First, we developed 34 techniques for self-defense specifically for NON-martial arts individuals. What is also unique about this book is that in the print version, it has QR codes you can “shoot” with your smartphone that will take you to a chunk of video for that particular technique. Using such technology crosses the boundary of a simple print book to an intelligent book.

The challenge of this endeavor was:

We have ten hours to teach them to survive the most violent attacks we could imagine. These techniques cover everything from front chokes, punches, and even anti-carjacking.

All the attacks are the kind you would find in the real world. Knife and handgun disarms are real-world issues that you must be prepared to survive.

So, “Be Real” means just that, as these are the types of attacks we face in the Real World. In addition, we use the “kiss-off” acronym “Keep It Simple Stupid or Face Failure.” These attacks must be simple because simple works in combat and complex techniques are a disaster. Be Real is now available in both Kindle and Print! Use your smartphone and give it a try by shooting this QR code!


You can get your Be Real Simple self-defense techniques at The Be Real Book.

Or get a signed copy here!

The defenders’ self-defense weapons are great for women’s self-defense, anti home invasion, and personal self-defense. Easy to use and quick to learn, this is a great tool to protect you and your family. We have lots of tools and easy carry options, so go shopping and see what these tools can do for you.

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