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This page will highlight the new items that we offering or in some cases working on. Just an announcement place or a “heads up” place to see what we are doing to push more quality products for our clients. 

The CLEAR defender 1 IS BACK with an 11% discount!

Yes, by popular demand, the CLEAR defender 1 is back! The CLEAR defenders have one very strategic advantage, and they are challenging to see. The fact that they are clear tends to “blend” into the background color/pattern that it is placed on. Even if you hold it, your possible attackers can’t see what it really is! We also offer the Black and Clear package deal so you can carry the one you need when you need it. You get the CLEAR defender 1 at an 11% discount.

The Black and Clear package deal at a 20% discount

We have the Clear Defender 1 back by popular demand! So, we made a package deal to offer you great value for these defenders. You get this package at a 20% discount!

The CLEAR Defender 1 family package at a 30% discount

Our “Family Pack” of defenders is very popular but only offered in the Black Defender 1 but not now! We brought back the CLEAR Defender 1, so now we can offer this package. So, use the button below to learn more about this great package.  You get this package at a massive discount of 30%!

The NEW Frosty

We have the Stealth in the frosty coating process. Looks great and makes a great gift too. It works just as well as the standard Stealth, so don’t let its beautiful looks fool you. It’s one of our best sellers and has saved many lives too.

Our standard Defender 1 in clear can be made into a frosty defender. The frosting process makes a very cool look and adds some roughness to the handle so you can retain it easier. 

Now one of the more aggressive self-defense weapons is sporting the frosty coating! Not only does it look great, but it has more retention qualities when compared to the smooth features of the self defenders.


A nitsubo was invented by Master Brusso in 1981. It is a great “standoff” tool and will be offered on the defender website shortly. Below is an un-edited Nitsubo showing how it works. What is important with this tool is the weight and the “lively” cord attached to the weight. You can use this tool on a “yawara stick” [a stick] so you can use the stick as well as the weight. Watch the video below.

Coming Soon!

The defenders’ self-defense weapons are great for women’s self-defense, anti home invasion, and personal self-defense. Easy to use and quick to learn, this is a great tool to protect you and your family. We have lots of tools and easy carry options, so go shopping and see what these tools can do for you.

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