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This page will highlight the new items that we offering or in some cases working on. Just an announcement place or a “heads up” place to see what we are doing to push more quality products for our clients. 

We get asked this all the time so now we are going to offer a service to make YOUR Defender design. Watch the video and check out the design your own Defender page.

We did a fantastic upgrade to our standard RP Defender to make it now the “RPD Defender”. We increased the grip of the tool, put a chisel edge for cutting and slicing. We also moved where we put the grip friction tape and the new Robust clip. Take a look! Offered in Clear and RED colors.

New robust clips for the Defenders

We have replaced our previous clip on the defenders with a more robust clip. We have field-tested this clip and love it. Fits nicely inside or outside the pants pocket, web gear, or other places on the clothing.

We field-tested this new clip for over 20 days and found it stayed exactly where you wanted it. There was no slipping or dropping of your Defender due to the clip or snagged clothing; it just stayed in place. Yet, when you want it, the Defender deployed clean and nice. It comes with a screw attachment, so you can still make it either a left or right-handed configuration.

Plus, another great feature is it’s at the same price! This clip will now be used on the Kydex Holster with Clip and the Kydex Holster neck rig with clip.

A New Master Brusso Book!

In Print and Kindle: Be Real

This book was developed with a specific method of self-defense. First, we developed 34 techniques for self-defense specifically for NON-martial arts individuals. What is also unique about this book is that in the print version, it has QR codes you can “shoot” with your smartphone that will take you to a chunk of video for that particular technique. Using such technology crosses the boundary of a simple print book to an intelligent book.

The challenge of this endeavor was:

We have ten hours to teach them to survive the most violent attacks we could imagine. These techniques cover everything from front chokes, punches, and even anti-carjacking.

All the attacks are the kind you would find in the real world. Knife and handgun disarms are real-world issues that you must be prepared to survive.

So, “Be Real” means just that, as these are the types of attacks we face in the Real World. In addition, we use the “kiss-off” acronym “Keep It Simple Stupid or Face Failure.” These attacks must be simple because simple works in combat and complex techniques are a disaster. Be Real is now available in both Kindle and Print! Use your smartphone and give it a try by shooting this QR code!


You can get your Be Real Simple self-defense techniques at The Be Real Book.

Or get a signed copy here!

The defenders’ self-defense weapons are great for women’s self-defense, anti home invasion, and personal self-defense. Easy to use and quick to learn, this is a great tool to protect you and your family. We have lots of tools and easy carry options, so go shopping and see what these tools can do for you.

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