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2022 Self Defense Special Package 1

Original price was: $161.15.Current price is: $137.00.

After we invented the new “Family of Devastation,” we had new options to make a new “Self-Defense” special package. Why, you might ask? When it comes to your self-defense, you need to travel on public vehicles, like planes, all the way out to being in public. What you need is flexibility! So, Defender Central put together a limited-time special package with the goal of self-defense flexibility. The Defenders are ALL IN CLEAR! Also, this is a limited time as we will sell ONLY 7 of these discounted packages. You know what to do if you want one!!!!

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This package includes all these Defenders in CLEAR

  • Defender 1 in CLEAR
  • Stealth in CLEAR
  • Eckmeier in CLEAR
  • Typhon in CLEAR
  • Traveler in CLEAR


  • A neck rig Kydex Holster
  • A Robust Clip Kydex Holster
  • A standard Lanyard

The Defender 1 in Clear and the Stealth Defender have been part of our lineup for some time. In this case, you would carry the Defender 1 in CLEAR for anywhere you want to go. The Stealth Defender you would carry in bad areas, and this Defender has saved many lives too. I have one Defender Central has one client who travels around the world and carries it on board in their luggage! No questions asked, but if they should, it’s a de-icer for a car, a fish scaler, and a chef tool for making patterns on the top of bread before baking. 

The Traveler will go anywhere with you for sure and without any worries whatsoever. So, it is perfectly positioned to be worn outside the clothing and traveling on any public transportation or through security areas. In that same vein, should you need to surrender your Defender to get through security anywhere, do so, and Defender Central will replace it for free. 

The Typhon and Eckmeier Defenders are the maximum injury level! When you need to hurt your attacker, these are the two Defenders to carry, and both fit into the Neck Rig or the Kydex Clip Holster. The Stealth Defender is the only one you carry with a standard lanyard; however, the standard lanyard can fit any of the Defenders.


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