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Defender RPD – Upgraded Self Defense Weapon Hand Crafted in RED 2022


This is our new upgraded RP Defender to now what we call the RPD Defender. Take a look at the video.

This upgraded Defender has new capabilities when compared to our standard RP Defender. The two major improvements are a “chisel” edge which allows you to cut and slash your opponent. Also, we cut back the finger area to fit fingers better with respect to holding the tool altogether. We also added a new location for the friction tape such that you hold onto the weapon better when it is wet. And finally, our Artisan moved the last tooth of the sawtooth section to angle up such that you can get your thumb onto that one tooth thus controlling the tool even better.   We also refit the tool for the new robust clip location.

The clips and friction tape are add-ons! Not included with this offer.


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