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We covered a wide range of topics: the new tool is named “Freya,” the one-of-a-kind tools are up, a great client call, liquid death, the new laser, talk about crystals, a great stealth defender discussion, the mental warrior skills, remote viewing, the men who stare at goats movie, the Secret, and SL.

Time code

0:00 Start, 00:37 One of a kind, 8:41 Renee, 14:18 Liquid Death, 17:42 Collar Clip, 20:03 Laser 26:08 Crystal of the week, 30:15 Stealth talk, 37:29 Fan mail, 43:57 Mental Warrior, 46:40 FEB, Remote Viewing, Goats, Secret, and SL

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We updated our “hide in plain sight” program, the crystal of the week, and some fantastic stories of adventures with myself and Master Ahlquist. You will not believe it; I also found the footage to support it! Pictures and video all the way back from 2002 and 2008.

Start 00:10, Update 0:43, Drink coasters 1:00, Tie Dye 3:33, Ceramic Tile Self Defense Instruction 4:14, Tie Dye on the desk 6:38, Crystal of the week 10:15, Our Guest Master Ahlquist 14:58, Shooting and driving 18:40, The City Club on Bunker Hill CA 39:23, and we got shot at, walked into Mexico and more 43:08

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We discussed our workspace project, the Hannah upgrades our new desktop Defender holder, a worker in a grocery store for over 40 years, and what she has learned, our next week’s guest.

Start 0:11, Behind the scenes: 0:33, Fire the engineers 0:54, Hannah gets dressed up 1:40, Concentrated on scoring tile 2:13, New defender holder desktop 3:28, Fan mail 10:00, 40 years in a grocery store 24:40, Vista Print stamp 26:39, Cyrstal of the week 27:18, More dress up on that Hannah 29:57, Workspace discussion 31:35, Guest Master Ahlquist 32:10

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We covered more of the hide-in-plain-sight tools and technology. We also introduced a new tool and a “naming competition” option to win one of our new tools. We introduced a new “B” block series called “The Crystal of the week,” where Harry explores individual crystals and their features. Harry had requested a “The Hannah” defender last week, and he really dressed her up! It’s a must-see for sure. I re-introduced our “Greatest defender fan video” just for fun. We also showed how our “PDWS desk ad sign” can be broken to make two defenders! Finally, our call for guests. Enjoy!

Start 0:12, Drink Coasters 1:11, CD ROM Drink Coasters 3:23, The Score 8:14, Tile with chisel edge 8:45, Acrylic tile with edge 9:33, Competition 11:13, Hiding in plain sight 12:38, PDWS ad defenders 13:02, PDWS ad break! 14:14, Colorized defenders 15:45, The Tatanka evolution 18:09, Naming competition 22:29, Crystal of the week 24:52, Hannah gets dressed up at 31:09, Another new tool! 34:37, Our greatest defender fan 39:50, Guests 45:58

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Knapping Obsidian video:

Podcast 2 Tie-Dyed defenders?

We cover some fantastic topics! Find out what we are doing behind the scenes of Defender Central.
Time code
start 00:12, Branding Iron 2:10, Branding Company 3:27
What does the Kanji mean 5:40, Cubical Self Defense 8:44, Drink Coaster in the works 9:13, Guests? 13:04, PDWS Ads 13:54, Improvised Defender Class 35:22, The Crystals 47:54, Crystal website 49:40, Package deals 52:32, A Hannah discussion 55:02

Great Business Podcast
Improvised defender class link

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This podcast is our first of the “Re-boot” series. Here is the time code for your convenience; enjoy.

Video Time code follows:

Start 0:00, Introduction 0:56, Times have changed 1:54, Harry’s opinion of the defenders 3:17, Situational awareness 4:07, Weapons retention 15:29, CD ROM as a weapon 16:14, Design your own defender 18:01, Healing crystals 22:50, The shift from pain compliance to injury 24:40, New tool 24:53, The Hannah 25:09, Our branded kanji on the tools 27:26, Defender Central mission 30:34, Four laws of violent attack 32:40, The shift in our defender training 40:41, Walk after dark 43:46, The survivor plan 48:35, End 52:01

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Podcast with Master John Enger

This was a great but rather long video all about the defenders and how Master Enger has come to love them! Originally Master Enger was very skeptical about the self defense tools but after his training with them, well now is one of our instructors. I recently sent him our “Full Up” defenders and our new holsters to test… he loves them.

Meet Steve Shelton and his defender training

This is a podcast about one of our newest self defense tools instructors Steve Shelton from Chicago IL. He came out and spend 6 days with us training on all kinds of things so this covers some of that experience and a bit more… enjoy!

Meet Lester Davis

Lester Davis is a very regular guy who lives in New Orleans LA. He is very familiar with street violence and was seeking a self-defense tool to add some protection. In this podcast, you will learn all about Lester Davis and how he comes to use the self-defense gadget.

And the terrorists came!

And Master Brusso was there! Listen to this podcast and see what happened.

An interview with Master Brusso

A great interview with a radio program from NY.

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