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The Hannah [Box Opener]


The Hannah self-defense weapon concept came to us via Master Kerry Lewis long ago in 2007. It was made from a very different material than today, and I loved the idea. We had it out on the counter the last few years as we were looking at things we did in the past. Sending the concept to Ruben, our Artisan to be made in acrylic, was the start of the “Hannah.” We needed to work on the tapered sides’ angles so that it could easily open all our Amazon, UPS, and FedX boxes. But, it also works very well as a Defender too.

We increased the angles of the tapered sides. We angled those sides into even more dramatic asymmetric, increasing the ease of cutting open boxes and, if necessary, be used to defend yourself. We liked the idea of a dual-purpose tool, and we started exploring the cordage wrapping materials, colors, and retention properties of the wrapped handle.

Couple all this with an optional break-away lanyard of your color choice, and bingo, you have the Hannah. One end of the lanyard can be attached to your belt loop, belt, or even your purse. The other end is attached to “The Hannah,” which has a single hole in the bottom of the handle just for that purpose. Snap the two parts of the lanyard back together, and you are ready to go!

Why Hannah? Defender Central has a very good friend whose daughter is named Hannah, and we couldn’t think of a better way to say thanks for the friendship than to name it after her daughter.






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