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Design your own personal self defense plan BOOK


Over the last few years, we have seen crime, rape, home invasions, and assaults rise like never before. The streets have become lawless, and criminals see no punishment at all! Violent crime, injuries, and death have become customary on the streets. In the Defender self-defense weapon world, we have changed our thinking from pain compliance to inflicting injury. Throughout this book, I will mention the Defenders as a primary tool for your self-defense, but this is a tool, not a plan.


One of the main things that have changed globally is the violence level applied to victims. It used to be a hold-up: you give them what they want, and they go away. Not anymore! They intend to hurt you during the crime, and they find joy in that end result. They now seek bragging rights to tell their fellow criminals how they “knocked their victim out” during their crime. This is sick and twisted for sure. So, to that end, we now understand where an attack will most likely end.

So, as you travel throughout your day, you will move in and out of these dangerous zones of attack. You must be prepared with a plan and be competent to defend yourself and your loved ones. This book will help you with both; however, as mentioned earlier is primarily focused on the plan. We will discuss weapons options inside each part of the plan, but these are suggestions. You can find weapons that will fit you and the situation, not just the ones I mention in the book.

Suffice it to say, the world has changed, and we need to adapt to that change or face the horrible end result. If you don’t act, now you are also placing your loved ones in harm’s way. In each part of the plan, you can dive deeper into the topic as I suggest top-level ideas and not necessarily complete solutions. I will attempt to point this out when it is appropriate.

Here is an introduction to the video series located in PDWS.biz but the book has far more information and instruction than the free video.


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