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2022 New Travel Package

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The NEW 2022 Travel Package! We have a new approach to your safety while you are traveling in the US or Abroad. This package contains:

  • Clear Defender 1
  • Clear Traveler (Extraordinary Defender)
  • Typhon (Extraordinary Defender) “very aggressive Defender
  • Typhon foam trainer
  • Neck Rig
  • Robust Clip Rig
  • Carabiner and a break-away lanyard
  • Sand Paper for all three Defenders
  • And our award-winning “Design your own personal self-defense plan”

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This is a very different approach to your personal safety while you are traveling. This package focuses on the Defender tools you will carry and the training to use them. In the past, we have focused on the type of tools to carry with some suggestions of when you should carry them. The primary training of the tools are still on the main website, and you can learn them there, but really new technology exists in this package.

When you watch the general training video, we show you mainly the Defender 1 and explore the other original versions of the Defenders. When it comes down to the extraordinary Defenders, like the Typhon, we suggest how to use that Defender based on the general training. It just adds more capability to the general use of the Defenders.



In this package, you should carry the Traveler with you anywhere, including on board aircraft or other transportation, without worrying about anything, as there are no sharp edges. This is one thing the TSA focuses on, which are things with sharp edges or points. The Traveler, as you can see, has none of those features. Also, if they want to take it away, let them do so as I will replace your Traveler for free. You pack the other items in your check-on luggage. Once you arrive, get your luggage; you can get your neck rig, robust clip rig, and your other Defenders operational.

Once you arrive at your accommodations, you can then carry whatever Defender(s) the situation might require. Also, in this package, you get two things you should use before traveling. First, you can view the general training of the Defenders for techniques like anti-punch, anti-kick, and anti-grapple Typhon Defendermoves [the general stuff]. Next, practice with your Traveler, Defender 1, and the Typhon. In the case of the Typhon, you should use the foam trainer, so you don’t hurt your training opponent. You can also develop attack strikes and cuts with the foam trainer. Once you have the strikes and cuts the way you like, you can use the trainer at full speed to practice. Your opponent can also mix it up by grabbing you or the like. With the Typhon foam trainer, you can alter your strikes and cuts or even stabs to adjust your defense. Then practice, so you get some muscle memory into your moves.

The next thing to do before traveling is to read the Design your own personal self-defense plan. The book guides you through how to think about attacks on you and what to do. This way, you might not get so surprised if you do get attacked. Also, the book is designed with QR codes you can scan with your smartphone to watch short videos on the topic you are reading. This allows you to get the lesson of each section fast so you can work on that lesson skill set.


The Family of General Defenders

The General Defender Training


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