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2023 Defender of the Year


It’s that time of the year, and we are offering our 2023 Defender of the Year! It’s a nasty one too! We will retire the 2022 Defender of the year on December 31st at midnight. The 2023 version is just nothing short of badass. New this year is the chiseled edges, both top, and bottom. Also new is the “Finger Notch” for small or larger hand placement. We have incorporated new “saw teeth” that rips skin apart, rounded edges for better hand holding, and a chiseled curve “scimitar” bottom section for slicing soft tissue.

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2023 Defender of the Year in RED with Kanji brand.

The chiseled edges are for slicing your target, for example, foreheads, soft tissue, arms, hands that grab you, or other body parts. The top saw teeth will rip tissue apart, and also located on the top part of the tool is a “V” notch used to attack noses or the soft tissue of the neck. It has a “finger notch,” which fits between either your pointing finger or your ring finger. This allows for both smaller and larger hands to hold the weapon comfortably. Just below the finger notch, we have smoothed out the tool’s edges that meet the palm of your hands for more comfort; this is an entirely new feature to our defender product line. 

We have designed a significant amount of self-defense technology into this Defender of the Year. It also has a digit capture hole that doubles as the carrying hole for the Kydex holster neck rig or the Robust Clip Kydex holster. As with all our self-defense tools, it also comes with the Defender standard lanyard holes should you desire to use a Defender Lanyard.

You can purchase additional add-ons for your Defender of the Year, such as a Kanji brand on the handle or friction tape for a better, positive grip if it becomes wet (water or blood). Be sure to select the color of the self-defense weapon you wish.



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