Kanji Brand on your Defender


Our Kanji can be added to most Defenders. However, the Stealth Defender and the Hannah Defender are a bit too small, plus the Kanji will not show if you purchase a “Wrapped Defender.” Wrapped Defenders have cordage wrapped on the handle of the Defender. Thus, the Kanji Brand would be underneath the cord and not visible.

The Kanji means “Quiet Way or Quiet Method,” depending on who translates the symbols. This name was given to us because we do everything quietly (a Ninja way) by Master Brusso’s Tai Chi teacher in 1982. So, today we put it on our Defenders for fun and looks, adding some grip factor to the handles.

If you purchase more than one Defender but order an additional Kanji Branding, you must tell us what Defender you want the brand placed on. Again, if you purchase more than one Branding, tell us what Defender gets the Branding.

NOT FOR a Stealth Defender, a Hannah Defender, or any Defender with a cord-wrapped handle.


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