Design your own Defender

We get it that you might want your own Defender design or a custom-fitted one that we currently offer. So, the idea is you send us a design for us to consider. We will talk with you about your design and if we have any issues. Once we understand what you want will make a template to show you and you should mock up your potential design in cardboard to see if you like it. Once we have the design understood we will make one copy to see what we have. 

Prior to us getting underway, once we see what you want, we can cost out the per price cost and the design fee. This will be completely complete prior to the beginning. 

The first step is to email us with your hand-drawn so we can see what we are looking at. At that time we will give you a thumbs up we can do it and suggest some tech time fees plus the cost of the final product.  This would be for one design prototype. If you keep adding to the prototype the costs will follow your changes. In the case shown here, it went smoothly with one shot, one template, and one happy client.

We will keep your design proprietary and not sell it to others without your permission. However, if you design copies capabilities your design will not overrule the current designs.

You can email Master Brusso with your questions or designs:

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