The Spec Ops 2 is just Amazing

The spec ops 2 is a very aggressive and low-profile in-the-hand self-defense tool. It has three points, but the smaller point is for soft tissue captures.

It is an excellent tool to carry, especially when you know help isn’t on the way anytime soon. It can do lots of damage very quickly and yet remains low profile in your hand, so the bad guys can’t really see what you have. This fact has saved many a life as attackers tend not to attack if they can’t figure out what that thing is in your hand!

It also fits nicely on one of our new neck lanyards, on the new side lanyard, and our standard lanyard to take it with you anywhere with ease. It can also be equipped with Defender clips, sandpaper, and a standard Defender lanyard.

It has a digit capture hole, too, so it’s fully featured for your self-defense. This tool has seen its fair share of war too! As many of my clients are in the military and love this particular self-defense tool. It is a wonderful choice for your personal carry too!

Many people make their lanyard loop around this self-defense tool to do physical personnel searches as the tool dangles off their wrist. Then with a flip of the hand, the spec ops 2 pops directly into their hand, ready to use!


Category: Aggressive

The Defender Spec Ops 2

The Defender Spec Ops 2 has traveled the world and supported self-defense options against many opponents. The “Covert” nature of the Spec Ops 2 serves to keep it hidden until it needs to be deployed for one’s self-defense. When you couple the low profile with the other add-ons like sandpaper, clips, nick rig holsters, the Defender break-away lanyard, it is a Defender that will serve you very well for your safety and the safety of your loved ones.

Spec Ops 2 with SOLO Kydex holster with CLIP

Spec Ops 2 with Neck Rig and breakaway lanyard

Spec Ops 2 with CLIP

Spec Ops 2 with CLIP and friction tape

Spec Ops 2 with breakaway lanyard

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