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The Spec Ops 2 [2021]

Original price was: $21.95.Current price is: $18.95.

This is the spec ops 2, a low profile but very aggressive self-defense gadget. As far as a self-defense weapon, this is an excellent choice for when you need to do as much damage (discouragement) as possible in a short amount of time.

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The Spec Ops 2 is a low-profile Defender which serves you well for your self-defense needs. Attackers tend not to attack if they can not make out what you are holding in your hand. In addition, if the attackers can’t see it, you can spring your defense on them with no notice, which is very strategic. It has three points on the Defender and a digit capture hole. The points are great for punch or kick defense (hold the Defender up and let them run into it); you can attack soft tissue with the points plus bony surfaces.


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