2018 Neck Rig with Clip Kydex Holster


This is a crazy good option to purchase as it has so much flexibility when it comes to how you can carry your self defense tool! This holster/neck rig works with any of the defenders that have a digit capture hole, that is, a large hole at the top of the tool.

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This is a great option for you to carry self defense tools with the maximum flexibility. You can have it as a neck rig, then you can use the clip/holster to attach it to gear, pockets etc. This gives you the maximum capability to deploy the self defense tools in many places. The clip, just as the self defense tools with clips, can allow you to attach the holster to many different places. If you need, you can put this rig on your belt or pants pockets. You can just place the 550 cord into your pocket and have the holster clipped to your belt, pants, or pocket. You might also want to remove the neck cord for those applications where you want to have just the clip holster. If you do that make sure and note how the knots are tied so you can replace it at a later date.


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