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Defender Clips


Finally, we have clips that can be put on your defenders! Yes… all you need to do is purchase your Defenders, then purchase a clip for it. Here is how it works….

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When you purchase your Defender (s), just purchase one of these clips for whichever Defender you want it to be placed on. If you order more than one Defender, you have to tell us exactly which Defender (s) you want your clips to be placed on. For example, if you order just a Defender 1 and a clip for it, that is a no-brainer. However, if you order four Defenders and want just two of them to have clips, order two clips, and then tell us which Defenders you want the clips to be placed on, you can email us from the website or directly to peter@pdws.biz. Clips are $6.95 each, which includes installation on the Defender of your choice.


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