Parrot Self Defense Tool

The Parrot is an Amazing Self Defense Tool

Wow! This is an excellent self-defense tool known as the Parrot! The Parrot Defender is a very aggressive tool that can quickly stop your attacker(s). The addition of the new feature known as the “beak pieces” or simply a parrot beak. This is very new as it will quickly pick off the hands of the bad guys when they grab your arm, wrist, or the like. Just place the beak over a finger that is grabbing you and then twist; it will either break the finger or cause some much pain they will let you go!


Parrot with friction tape and Defender Clip

Parrot with breakaway lanyard

Parrot with SOLO Kydex Holster with CLIP and breakaway lanyard

Parrot with breakaway lanyard

Parrot with Clip and friction tape

Parrot with Clip

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