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Self Defense Weapon the Parrot 2021


The Parrot Defender is a very aggressive tool; when you need to stop, an attacker needs to be stopped quickly regardless of the damage you dish out. The Parrot is an excellent self-defense weapon as it sport two points, the “beak” points, and a digit capture hole. The beak points, shaped in a “V,” fits over fingers or thumbs that might grab you. If an attacker grabs your arm, you put the “V” beak over a finger or thumb and twist! I guarantee they will let you go, or their finger/thumb will break!

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The Parrot Defender can defend you exceptionally well with all its points designed to be close to your attacker’s targets! From the pummel point able t strike down on any arm, hand, body, or your attacker’s head will serve you well. 


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