Defender 2 Self Defense Tool

When the bad guy comes a calling… Give him a REAL bad day with this bad boy!!!

What is your life worth?


Based on our findings from the defender 1, self defense ToolI continued to improve the design and thus I came up with the defender 2.

On the defender 1 model if one point was good then three points have got to be better!  This is a very serious self defense tool in its design, and it also has a digital capture hole, plus two serration areas for soft tissue captures.

This self defense tool is great for personal safety, home safety, or just plain self defense.  It is a very serious self defense tool that will reduce your opponent to a heap of pain, in very short order! 

One of the most important things to ask yourself is how far you will go to defend yourself or your loved ones. Let me explain… The Defender 2 self defense tool was created to cause maximum damage very quickly so you can get free from an attacker or just stop the aggression dead in its tracks. I always carry my Defender 2 when I’m hiking, camping, or places that no help will come for me if called… at least for 20 minutes.

The Defender 2 works on people and animals alike so if you are hiking and run into a pack of dogs or the like, the Defender 2 can cause lots of damage very quickly. 

On the other hand it’s a poor choice if you are going to a family reunion for obvious reasons haha. Unless you really don’t like a particular family member but that is why we have either a Guppy Defender or our standard Defender 1 model. 

The defenders are relatively inexpensive so you can have more than one model to pick for the area where you are going. A guppy defender, for example, can go on an airplane or any place with high security.

The standard Defender 1 goes most places too, even on airplanes. However, a Defender 2 is very aggressive and is a great first line of self defense. Although I say that, the Defender 2 has flown well, went through security at the Vatican, and was even in a suit pocket while heads of state had pictures with one of our guys! 

I wouldn’t recommend that later points but understand if someone breaks into your house, you need to stop that quick! If you are hiking and get attacked by man or beast… stop it quick with a Defender 2. As a self defence tool it has, it’s place and has saved many lives too!

With any order, you should consider at least a defender that can go anywhere and one that is very aggressive to stop attackers when you really don’t want to be very nice to them.

The Defender 2

Category: Very Aggressive 

The Defender 2