These non-lethal tools are awesome for your self defense

This option gives you the maximum ability to carry and deploy your self defense gadget with ease. At first, it’s a neck rig that allows you to carry any self defense gadget that has a digit capture hole. It also allows you to adjust the neck rig to fit the clothing or body type you need to do. It also allows you to use this as an underarm side holster too. You can then use the clip on the holster to attach it to your pants, pockets, clothing, and gear. All you have to do is clip it on, then put the cord in a pocket etc or remove the cord for a later time.

What you need to know!

  • Why a clip on the holster?

    The whole idea of having a holster came about years ago. It was a great way to carry the self defense gadget but with time, we lost that ability. Now, recently, I found someone who could step up and give us that option but even better! We added a clip on the holster that now allows you to have the maximum freedom to place your self defense gadget where you want!

  • What places can you use it?

    As this rig comes with a neck rig, and in itself is super easy to use plus very convenient… the clip allows you to put the holster on your pants, waist band, on your clothing, in your pocket and more. So, where ever you find the need to have a defender… this option really allows you to go there!

  • If I don’t need the neck cord all the time what do I do?

    Having all the options is great. If you use the neck rig and then want to put the clip holster on your pants pocket; you can just fold the cord into your pocket. However, if you want to use it other places without the cord; carefully untie the knots, remembering how to tie them later, and off you go. When you are ready to use it around your neck again, just retie the cord and you are good to go.

This neck holster fits the following self defense weapons

The Defender 1
The Defender 2
The Spec Ops 2
The Ronsonator
The RP defender
The Owl Defender
The Parrot Defender

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