Clamshell Kydex Holster


We are super happy to announce that we have a great new defender self defense weapon holder the “Clamshell” Kydex holster. We have been looking into this kind of carry option and it fits ANY of our tools! 

I love this clamshell, it works very well. Please note that it is for people who are right handed. I am both handed ambidextrous and so it doesn’t matter but I first clipped it on my left side and noticed that right away.
However, it deploy to the rear nicely as well.

I like putting the head of the defender down to the bottom of the clam shell and and that way I don’t pull the clamshell off my belt or pants pocket.


This is a super great option to carry a self-defense tool on your body or gear.  It securely fits any of our tools and deploys quickly when you need it. Made of Kydex so it is durable and the clip is extremely robust so it will hold tightly. This has been something we have been looking for over the many years of how we can carry our tools. Get yours today! Affordable and robust so you can’t go wrong with this easy carry option.

[UPDATE] We are going to provide a strip of friction tape for each holster. Peel the paper off of the friction tape and place it on either side and this will help hold the defender into the clamshell holster.



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