What’s new in defender land?

Just stop and think for a moment…what is your life worth? You need to understand how to protect yourself from the bad guys!

Disabled Veteran Owned and operated.

Over the last year or so, despite some medical issues I continued to move forward with gear for the defenders. On this page you can see what is new and, I put in some of my videos that I have been making on knifes and knife fighting. Just a little cross pollination. I find many who are interested I the defenders also share an interest in knives. Also, new this year is the phrase “active self protection”, which is a strategy that is layered when it comes to your protection.

I will also be showing some new stuff here as in the “nail” and an old but goody ninja poison water gun. The water gun can be used with other things for your home self defense too. The nail is a super defender in disguise and to a degree comes from my grandfather being a hero! More on that when they are completely ready.

But as you see the picture below it is a devastating defender design.

When these tools become available I will let everyone know. However, here is the idea. Each Railroad Nail is stamped from Seara Pacific Railroad and has your unique nail number. This being on the large end and the small end is formed into a swallow tail and sharp.

Finally we have a short cord attached to it as it can be thrown! Very unique and surprising effective. As it is stamped it’s just a collectable railroad nail, right? Another great example of “active self protection“!

Active self protection
The swallow tail means business
The old, the new, the weapon
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