Defender Kydex Holster SOLO

The improved self-defense tool holster is BACK! It’s made using Kydex and fits all our tools that have a digit capture hole. The very nice thing about this holster as shown SOLO (not with a neck rig) is you can use 550 cord to attach it to your gear, belt, etc so you can securely hold your self defense tool in place.

You can run, hike, jump or even swim with it. It also has NO metal at all so guess what… right through metal detectors. Cost is $18.95 plus shipping. Remember if you are international you need to select that shipping rate!

The cost of the SOLO Holster is $18.95 USD plus the appropriate shipping. Flat rate for USA and International Package Flat Rate so make sure to pick the right shipping rate.

Click here so go take a good look at this fantastic self defense tool product…

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The Holster fits the following defenders

  • Defender 1

    Defender 1

  • Defender 2

    Defender 2

  • Spec Ops 2

    Spec Ops 2

  • The Parrot

    The Parrot

  • Ronsonator


  • Defender Owl

    Defender Owl

  • RP Defender

    RP Defender

The SOLO Kydex Holster ONLY

  • All you have to do is add some cordage and you can attach this to your gear, belts, etc. This is the DIY type of holder so each person can make up their own attachment scheme.