2018 Kydex “CLIP” Holster

This is a really exciting addition to the self defense gadgets. It gives you great freedom of where you are going to attack and carry your self defense gadget.

You can now just clip it to your belt, web gear, purse, clothing, backpack straps and the places are just limited by your imagination plus what you wear. This rig can also be used as a neck rig with an addition of 550 cord so you can wear it around your neck. If you want a neck cord for this rig you can order that too.

This is a great Kydex super flexible rig so you can now carry it almost anywhere; to include your car [hook it on a visor for example].


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2018 Clip Kydex Holster

  • 2018 Clip Holster Front

    2018 Clip Holster Front

  • 2018 CLIP Holster Side

    2018 CLIP Holster Side

  • 2018 CLIP Holster Back

    2018 CLIP Holster Back

  • 2018 CLIP Holster Back with defender

    2018 CLIP Holster Back with defender

Why the clip?

  • Ah yes the clip!!!

    The kydex SOLO holster in itself is a great addition to your self defense. For the DIY people, you can always attach a SOLO holster with cordage to many places. However, as we added a clip capability to the defenders themselves we thought why not add a clip to the SOLO holster that way you can put it almost anywhere. And that is what we did.

  • Exactly where can I put it?

    The clip SOLO holster can attach anywhere you can put the clip. Not only can you put it on your person, a pocket, inside a suit jacket, waistband, or even a belt; you can also use it in your vehicle or around the house. It can attach to the neck of your tee shirt even so you can safely carry plus deploy your defender quickly.

  • Can it be made into a neck rig too?

    YES. We sell that option too but you can add your own cord design via the holes in the holster to “do your own thing”; or purchase one from us. We are trying to keep a good balance of flexibility, DIY, and for those that don’t have the time, you can purchase what you want from us.

  • What defenders work with the SOLO holster?

    Any of our defenders that have a capture hole can work with our holster. Specifically…

    1. Defender 1
    2. Defender 2
    3. Rabbit
    4. Parrot
    5. Spec Ops 2
    6. Owl
    7. Ronsonator
    8. RP defender

Fits these defenders

  • Defender 1

    Defender 1

  • Defender 2

    Defender 2

  • Spec Ops 2

    Spec Ops 2

  • Defender Owl

    Defender Owl

  • the Ronsonator

    the Ronsonator

  • the RP Defender

    the RP Defender

Kydex Holster with Clip… I want it!



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