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“I’m a lawyer”

Master Brusso,

Just a quick story and thank you for the work you’ve done over the years and your excellent products.

By way of background, I’m a lawyer who: a. hates lawyers; and b. believes everyone should have access to good representation no matter how much they can pay. So I spend my days representing people who need legal help but can’t afford it. And I’ve also dedicated 5 years to helping our veterans with any legal issue free of charge.

So to pay the bills, I work security at night around the bars and clubs of Houston. Last night, I was working a bar that pays especially well because it’s in a terrible neighborhood and averages about 5 police calls per week.

Now, I’m not the easiest target: 6’5″, 225 lbs, with a background in Kali and Aikido. I also fought as an amateur boxer for a good many years. But even still, around 1AM, I found myself outside, without backup, surrounded by 4 guys I’d asked to leave earlier.

They weren’t easy targets either. Face and neck tats; powerful arms and shoulders; and lymph nodes so swollen it could only be a sign of steroid use. So with my clear Defender in one hand and my brand new RP in the other, I feinted at the guy closest to me, then slid at the largest of the four and delivered two quick strikes to his head (knock, knock) with the Defender and went for his lymph node under the right arm with the RP.

He leapt back checking his head for blood, loudly questioning my parents’ legal union, and shouting, “What the fuck kinda Jedi shit was that, motherfucker? What the fuck?” Neither he nor his pals could see the weapons, so as the other 3 stepped back, I went at the big guy again, this time going after collar bones and wrists. He yelled something else about Jedis and ran off down the street checking his head and neck for wounds. I turned to his 3 friends and asked calmly, “You guys all settled up at the bar?” Two nodded; the other one asked if he could get $100 out of his pocket as an apology. I told him to stay away from assholes and keep the money.

Pretty sure your brilliant craftsmanship saved my ass last night. Plus it definitely gave 4 bad guys something to think about today. Thank you and best of luck in all your endeavors.

Mark M.

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