RP Self Defense Tool

RP Defender size.
RP defender with SOLO Neck Rig.

This is our newest defender (self defense tool)… Fits in your pocket (4″ long and 2.5″ wide) and can travel anywhere with you. It also has a set of lanyard holes so you can use a standard lanyard or even a defender holster (coming back soon).

This is a “mash up” sent to me by Robert Pearson, a fan of the defender and an owner of copy number one of this new and exciting defender. One comment we heard lots was “why not a defender that fit in your pocket” Well, Robert, on his own, came up with a “slightly larger than credit card size version, fits in your hand well and in your pocket!

This is a great tool for your home self defense, personal safety, and self protection



Category: Aggressive


Option List

These are the options for your RP defender  purchase:

  1. Solo Holster
  2. Solo clip Holster
  3. Neck Holster
  4. Clip neck holster
  5. Break away standard lanyard
  6. Friction tape

The RP Defender

  • RP Defender SOLO Kydex holster with CLIP

    RP Defender SOLO Kydex holster with CLIP

  • RP Defender SOLO neck Kydex rig

    RP Defender SOLO neck Kydex rig

  • RP Defender with friction tape

    RP Defender with friction tape

  • RP Defender with breakaway lanyard

    RP Defender with breakaway lanyard

Learn More

  • I had a fan contact me about a possible new design for a self defense weapon. He and his father like to “mash” things up. So they went through the various designs at the time and come up with this. The RP was born from some of their thoughts on the best features of the other defenders.

  • The RP defender fits in your hand much like if you held a credit card in your hand. We have long wanted a smaller, fit in your hand, defender which was fully featured and this is it!

    It has the curved two points in the front which are great to attack the stomach, neck or arms. Push and twist!!! Ouch!

    Also, the smooth back end fits against the palm of your hand and the other sharp point is outside your grasp so you can do great downward poking to the head or hands.

    It also has a “saw-tooth” soft tissue capture area like we saw first on the defender 2. It’s a great little self defense weapon that fits in the palm of your hand!

    Finally it has a digit capture hole and lanyard holes so you can carry it with a lanyard. In our standard training video the RP can be used much like all the other self defense weapons.

  • The RP with a clip has a few issues. First the clip covers part of the digit capture hole. This can be fine if you place the clip up so it fits in your pocket and leaves the digit capture hole clear. We would place the clip in one of the two holes at the end for the breakaway lanyard. You can still attach a breakaway lanyard in the remaining single hole. But with all that said you might want a clip because it’s so nice and easy to carry.

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