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The Hanbo Series (36-inch) Stick

Original price was: $24.95.Current price is: $19.95.

This video series on the Hanbo is fantastic as it shows you step by step how to use a “36-inch” stick devastatingly! Great for your overall martial arts skill sets and survival skill sets. You get unlimited views of the video and a download option should you want to add this to your library.

I have used these skill sets on several would-be attackers in real life, and they really work very well. It is just amazing what you can do with a 36-stick! Sometimes you see old Japanese movies where an old man is walking down a path with his walking stick. Then, out of nowhere, he gets attacked, and then he goes into action with his 36-inch stick “Hanbo” and defeats his attackers with ease. That is what this video is all about! Again, moneyback guarantee!








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