Gen 1 Rabbit


This is our Gen 1 Self Defense Rabbit! A great tool and it also has online training with our standard product line. We had stopped offering this and then we found a boatload of stock!

Availability: 187 in stock

This was from our first manufacturing run and it is the second in the product invention line. This was the first defender to offer a “digit capture hole” and the serrated soft tissue grab capability. Later many law enforcement, bodyguards, and secret service like it as using the “soft tissue grab” capability you can also grab clothing quickly and pull someone out of the way or worse. So, it has been a hit and we are delighted to find more stock! Open the store someone! It also is a great non-lethalĀ self defense tool with little parallel for what it can do! Makes a great gift for law enforcement, bouncers, or the like too. It can also fit our kydex holsters, lanyards and can come with add-ons like clips plus friction tape if you want.


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