Col. Jim Channon and the First Earth Battalion: A New Age of Psychic Soldiers?

Col. Jim Channon and the First Earth Battalion: A New Age of Psychic Soldiers?

At some point between 1968 and 1972, a retired U.S. Army Colonel named Jim Channon began putting together his vision of what he called the First Earth Battalion, an organization whose goal was to revolutionize how the Army conducts war. It would utilize cutting-edge technology, including mental techniques and psychic abilities. Still, more importantly, it would incorporate new-age training techniques based around psychic abilities like extrasensory perception (ESP) and remote viewing. This is about the men who stare at goats true story, it is their true story!

General Discussion

Jon Ronson, who is a person that writes many books and does documentaries on a wide range of topics, called me one day. Well, actually, his second in command did and started to ask me questions about many strange things. As it turned out, he was interested in the First Earth Battalion [FEB] and Lieutenant Colonel Jim Channon of the U.S. Military. Commander Jim Channon was the founder of the FEB, which included paranormal psychic ability, military field tactics, high performance concepts, and evolutionary ideas about war, and all this was ultimately presented to the Army War College. Lt. Col Channon’s evolutionary tactics were the foundation of the first earth battalion’s field manual. Col Channon was interested in things like project stargate and warrior monks. He was looking to build a strategic advantage program for the Army and in combat troops.

The evolution of the remote viewing program was influenced by civilian purveyors of remote viewing techniques, which was also feature in the major motion picture “the men who stare at goats.” It’s interesting to note that everything in the movie was true except one character that never existed, Kevin Spacey’s character. Also folded into the FEB were interdependence of new age skills, and that was due to the true genius of a person, Col. Channon. The FEB also wrote their manual, which showed the new FEB uniforms, their tactics when entering a war zone, and the way they would even extract information from captured opposition forces.

The new communication capabilities of the FEB were wide-ranging for sure, and all the members of the first earth battalion were well versed in how to use them. Later, as the FEB matured and did even more out of the box, cunning thinking were things that we take for granted today. In the documentary “the crazy rulers of the world,” part 1, Col Channon re-tooled many of the Army’s standard thinking. In one show on the History Channel, now the “Heros channel,” is a series called codes and conspiracies. In season 2, episode 6, experimental soldiers, you will see a fair number of these new ways of thinking for the Army. Even Peter Brusso is in that episode recounting the highlights of the best of Col. Channon. Brusso even showed off his FEB self-defense, defender 1, a self-defense tool that follows the FEB guidelines as being very versatile and yet very effective as a non-lethal weapon.

What is the First Earth Battalion?

Now a book and an informative documentary, The Men Who Stare at Goats, details how an elite U.S. Army unit supposedly used new-age technology to become better soldiers. Called by some a new age military experiment gone awry, it is known by most as a potentially revolutionary new use for infantrymen – not just to win battles but also to achieve peace.

This was all under Col. Jim Channon’s supervision, who wanted his Army to be more effective in battle and help people around them. He called it the art and science of winning hearts and minds. His idea was that if you were able to project your thoughts into another person or group of people, you could get them to do what you want – even if they didn’t know they were doing it! He called these ‘Mental Warriors’ or ‘Psychic Warriors.’ Master Brusso has written a book on the topic called “the Mental Warrior,” which explains how to use this skill. It sounds like something from a sci-fi movie, but apparently, many witnesses can attest that these techniques worked!

The idea behind developing the First Earth Battalion

Col. Jim Channon conceived the First Earth Battalion in 1997 as a new military unit using non-lethal technology (soft power) to protect our freedoms. The First Earth Battalions were envisioned to integrate spirituality, cultural systems, and innovative technology to fight unconventional enemies better. Although officially disbanded in 2001, they are still considered one of the most progressive military units ever developed.

The First Earth Battalion is a group of warrior monks who have pledged to protect the planet and its inhabitants. They believe that we are all connected and that we can create a better world by working together.

The First Earth Battalion was founded in the 1970s by Jim Channon, a retired Army officer. Channon had become interested in Eastern philosophy and meditation while serving in Vietnam, and he felt that the military could benefit from these practices.

The First Earth Battalion is one example of how people use ancient wisdom to create positive change in the world today. The 1st Earth Battalion was officially disbanded in 2001. However, it still has many supporters worldwide who continue to work toward its goals of peace and sustainability. 

In 2004, Jon Ronson was introduced to Col. James Channon by Peter Brusso (who had been a member of First Earth Batallion). Ronson wrote about his experiences with Col Channon in his book The Men Who Stare at Goats. This story illustrates how new-age technology can be used as a tool for social change, even within traditional institutions like military units. Although most members were not fully trained soldiers, they were able to contribute their unique skills toward creating a better society for all people on earth.

The Mission of the First Earth Battalion

In 1978, a group of soldiers in the U.S. Army came up with an unusual plan. They wanted to create a new unit using psychic powers and other paranormal abilities in warfare. The concept was called the First Earth Battalion and never existed. However, all its members were real people who believed in their special supernatural abilities. They were “out of the box” thinkers and approached many of the military activities with a new, bright, and insightful approach. This became one of the “hallmarks” of the FEB and was highly sought after by the leaders of the U.S. Army.

The Methods of the First Earth Battalion

The concept behind The First Earth Battalion is that soldiers would be more successful if they applied their skills holistically rather than using them in an all-or-nothing manner. For example, instead of only thinking about physical fitness, you’d also have to consider nutrition (and other aspects). It was intended to help soldiers reach a higher level by tapping into psychic abilities — including telepathy and precognition — with training like martial arts.

It may sound strange now, but at least one scholar has argued it may have been a factor in U.S. success during Operation Desert Storm.

The First Earth Battalion And Today

If anything, we might expect new-age techniques like yoga and meditation to become more commonplace among military units, especially considering their popularity among young people today. It’s not hard to imagine that similar techniques could be used for battlefield operations—especially those requiring stealth or other complex maneuvers.

In 1978, Colonel Jim Channon, a retired Army Officer, began developing the First Earth Battalion to respond to what he saw as the changing nature of warfare. The Battalion would be a military unit composed of psychic spies, remote viewers, martial artists, and other “warriors of the new age.”

The methods of the First Earth Battalion are based on the belief that all human beings have latent psychic abilities which can be harnessed and used in warfare. These abilities include telepathy, precognition, clairvoyance, and psychokinesis.

The First Earth Battalion has been featured in a number of books and documentaries, including Jon Ronson’s The Men Who Stare at Goats.

The Results of the First Earth Battalion

The First Earth Battalion, an experimental military unit established in the 1970s, was successful in many ways. The unit was disbanded after a few years, but its members continued to impact the military. 

The First Earth Battalion was created in response to the Vietnam War and was designed to be a more efficient and effective fighting force than the traditional military. They were given special training in psychology and other disciplines designed to make them better soldiers.

The results of the First Earth Battalion were mixed. The unit was successful in some respects but also had its share of problems. One of the most successful aspects of the Battalion was its ability to reduce casualties. In one operation, the Battalion suffered no casualties while inflicting heavy losses on the enemy. It is estimated that if U.S. forces had adopted similar techniques during World War II, they could have saved over 200,000 lives.

Another success of the Battalion was its ability to train soldiers quickly and effectively using hypnosis and biofeedback techniques. It is estimated that these methods reduced training time by as much as 90 percent. 

What was Master Peter Brusso’s role in the First Earth Battalion?

When Col Channon developed the concept of the FEB, it was just that, a thought, a concept, a skeleton with no meat on it. When he returned home from his second tour in Vietnam, he propositioned the Army to let him look for ways to enhance warrior skill sets when on combat patrol. 

Specifically, he wanted to understand why some soldiers at the point of a patrol could “sense danger close” and others walked the patrol into a firefight. How do some people sense things before they happen, yet others are clueless? Col Channon thus got a year off the active duty roster of the Army to investigate and explore “new age” technologies up and down the coast of California. Ultimately Col Channon and Master Peter Brusso would “collide” with technologies shortly.

Master Brusso spent ten months in Cambodia, mainly fighting in the jungles and mountain areas. He experienced much the same puzzling issues in the war that Col Channon did. However, Master Brusso started studying martial arts when he was six years old and had been exposed to many of the Eastern philosophies of Ki energy and energy projection. Ultimately, being a trained Ninja from Japan, he could completely understand Col Channon’s point for his quest for skill sets in this area.

Master Brusso became an electrical engineer and started working in classified programs in 1980 within the defense industrial complex. He had many opportunities at some of the most prestigious companies to connect to stealth technology, sensing technology, and anti-terrorism. He was also exposed to a person named Jack Houck, that was then developing and researching psychokinesis skills and their development. He was the founder of the “spoon-bending parties,” which will be a topic of another article, but suffice it to say this also led Master Brusso into the world of remote viewing.

Enter Jon Ronson

Master Peter Brusso studied many martial arts systems and worked primarily with combat martial arts. His love of the military and giving military warriors the skill sets to survive on the battlefield led him to many opportunities to help our Armed Forces. Specifically, the United States Marine Corps, where he got the chance to become a founding member of the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program through then the director of the MCMAP, Col Joe Shusko. 

Brusso brought his knowledge of teaching and how to break down lessons so warriors could learn from a video and perhaps not have access to a real instructor trainer. He filmed and cut all the MCMAP video training lessons, 182 of them, in 5 belt levels that were ultimately streamed to all Marines and even those on shipboard. 

It was around this 2004 timeframe that Jon Ronson’s people contacted Master Brusso about his knowledge in M.K. Ultra, remote viewing, thought projection, and Ki energy. You can view the development of Ronson’s group by watching the documentary series on YouTube, “The crazy rulers of the world.” You need to watch all three parts to see what part the FEB played and still does play in today’s armed forces. Master Brusso was an integral part of much of that effort.

From the documentary series to the book “the men who stare at goats,” and finally to a movie with the same name. Master Brusso and Col Channon got to talk a fair amount about the development of these

The Men Who Stare at Goats Movie

In the film, The Men Who Stare at Goats, George Clooney portrays a former member of the First Earth Battalion, a real-life military unit created in the 1970s to use psychic powers in warfare.

The film is based on a book of the same name by journalist Jon Ronson, who interviewed members of the unit and uncovered some of their unorthodox training methods, which included staring at goats in an attempt to kill them with their mind power. George Clooney’s character was based on a real person, Peter Brusso. In the book with the same name, you can read about Peter Brusso in chapter 8. Peter Brusso is also a great example of the kind of person who joins the military out of patriotism.

Despite its outlandish premise, The Men Who Stare at Goats is actually a pretty funny and entertaining movie, thanks largely to Clooney’s deadpan performance. The First Earth Battalion was a small unit of the U.S. Army formed in 1977 to investigate the potential military applications of unconventional or “soft” sciences like psychology, sociology, and parapsychology.

First Earth Battalion Predator Defense Tool

If you don’t know what the Predator is, it’s an awesome non-lethal self-defense tool used by George Clooney in the movie “The Men Who Stare at Goats.”

It took quite a bit of digging around the internet, but I finally found the actual Predator says farmerjaneusa in her article “Welcome to Planet Earth…Predator Weapons for All Jedi Warrior Monks (and the Average Human)”

The Predator Defender was used by George Clooney in “The Men Who Stare at Goats.” It is a non-lethal self-defense tool created by Peter Brusso and inspired by the First Earth Battalion. The Predator (Defender 1) was also featured in the documentary “Crazy Rulers of the World” by Jon Ronson.

The Predator is a practical alternative to mace and pepper spray as it has an element of surprise and can be carried into places that don’t allow certain kinds of self-defense items and weapons.


Col. James Channon was a man with big ideas. Ideas that could help transform warfare on a global scale. An unlikely candidate to make his mark on military history, he was an Army officer assigned to Fort Leavenworth after serving in Vietnam.

It was there, in 1976, that he would write a paper describing how advances in science and technology could allow us to turn soldiers into more powerful super-soldiers who could rapidly win battles on both physical and mental fronts. He called it First Earth Battalion—and while others had come up with similar concepts before, Col. Channon pushed further than anyone else by defining exactly how we would achieve these levels of human performance enhancement.

And the first earth battalion predator defense tool really does exist and is available at, the home of the Defender 1. This is about the men who stare at goats true story, and it’s their true story!

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