The wrist lanyard special

From the time we invented the defender line of self defense weapons, we have always looked at how to carry it and deploy it quickly. Early on, we developed the stand snap away lanyard, then many years later, we developed our first kydex holster neck rig. Then the person who was making them stopped and moved so that source went away. In the last year, I found a “Dr. Q”, as from 007 films. Dr. Q took up the challenge to develop another kydex holster, and he did that in spades. We now have both a neck rig and a clip version of the kydex holsters. The issue is these only work on the defender models with a digit capture hole.

Dr. Q started designing systems to carry the defender. I told him about some of the militaries which use the defenders in combat operations; they took a picture for me as they had added a cord lanyard to their defenders. So, they can “frisk” a person with both hands, and the defender (on the cord lanyard) would “dangle” down off their wrist. I was not fond of this solution as an opponent could grab the “dangling” defender and pull you down. We needed a wrist lanyard that would “breakaway”; however, it would take a considerable tug to break apart.


There are times when you want your defender in hand but need to “open a door, lift something into the car,” and you have to put your defender away. So, Dr. Q took up the challenge to design a lanyard that has the following qualities.

1) Be adjustable to accommodate both large wrists and very small ones like you find on a child.
2) Work like our current “snap” lanyard but have a far stronger force required to breakaway the defender.

So, he came up with what we now call the wrist lanyard. It can be used as the current snap lanyard and yet be put on your wrist to carry or dangle your defender from the wrist lanyard. Why is this important? If you jog, you would like to have your defender in your hand. However, if you come to a gate or the like that requires both hands to open, you now can drop your defender, and it will just dangle from your wrist. Once you accomplish your task, then a quick flip of your arm and the defender will whip up into your hand, and off you go.

The final thing with the wrist lanyard is that if you are attacked, and your opponent grabs your dangling defender, he/she pulls on your defender/wrist lanyard to pull you down; it should break away and let you be free. So, this new lanyard is also adjustable for large to small wrists, and this allows it to be very flexible concerning who can use one. If you are new to the defenders, look at our wrist lanyard special, where you get two complete units: wrist lanyard and defender 1. That special offers you two wrist lanyards and two defender 1’s, so if you need to share with a loved one, you can do that affordably.

This is a great addition to the self defense weapons lineup.

A Kydex neck rig
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