The New Max Nail

Each Max Nail is stamped with its own unique number.
Throwing cord wraps around the nail for easy deployment
Swallow tail digs into to muscle with ease
The New Max Nail Holster!

I know it’s hard to believe it took me this amount of time to develop what would appear to be a straightforward tool, but it threw me a curveball. The Nail is an excellent self-defense weapon for sure, yet I had to do many modifications to get it where I wanted.

The first was where to put the holes in the shaft such that it would throw adequately. This should have been obvious to me, but it was very different from the things I have thrown all my life. For example, the Nitusbo is a 6-ounce weight on a 20-foot cord tied to a yawara stick. I have been using that for over 40 years and know it well also, a knife on a rope and a Kyokesushoge, a curved knife on a rope. Yet the Nail was utterly different.

As it turned out, the best way to throw it is with a “no spin” throw. This surprised me, and you can see that in the training video. The final way we throw it is with a one that has turned, from the ground, throw to target. Wow, the damage it does to my wooden targets is unparalleled by anything I have seen in my martial arts career. 

I have been in the arts since I was six years old and am now 67, so you can do the math. This self-defense tool in throwing is crazy, and in close quarters combat, it carries a devastating punch. That is off the charts in damage too. The addition of the “swallowtail,” coupled with the almost 1 pound weight, offers lots of pain compliance to attackers.

Once we had the self defense gadget figured out, the next challenge was how do you carry it? Well, Doctor Q went to work on a Kydex Holster, and presto, we had a great way to carry the Max Nail. We needed to beef-up the clip during our field testing, so we ended up with a robust clip system. It fits nicely on a belt or pants, webgear, or the like. 

We tested it for weeks under all kinds of situations, and we are now ready for sale! One of these tools was used during a field test in Mn during the looting. Needless to say, the looters went to another store altogether!

Finally, each Max Nail comes with its own stamped serial number on it, so you are the only one that owns that serial number, “a collectible!

So, in short, follow this link to see it and get yours today! To see the holster [click here]

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