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Self defense weapon spec ops 2

“Little does he know…”

So there I am minding my own business at a local food store when I see my ex-girlfriend with her new boyfriend standing across the aisle.

She taps him on the shoulder, points to me, and giggles, it super pisses me off, but when he flips me the bird, I get concerned. He’s a foot taller than me and must weigh at least 80 lbs.

More I try to ignore it, but they follow me right out the door and the guy starts taunting me. His mistake, though, is that he thinks I just have car keys and some silly plastic doohickey in my hand.

Little does he know it’s my Spec Ops Defender. Anyway, he pushes me from behind and I turn around fast, and take a ready stance. She urges him on and he comes at me, not with a punch, but with some kind of lame WWF body slam. I simply bring the End Point of my Spec Ops up to his xyphoid process (just below the ribcage) and his body weight does the rest. He yelps in pain, but because I’ve wrapped my left arm around his torso and done a backwards roll with him on top, he can’t stop the edge from digging deeper.

If he had not been wearing a hefty sweatshirt, or if I had used even a moderate amount of thrust (which I didn’t even have to do), I probably would have really hurt him, or at least caused a xyphoid fracture or pneumothorax. Who knows?

Anyway, he screaming, trying to roll off me, which he does, and gets up staring at this hole in his shirt saying, “M——-r f——-r, what did you do? He obviously doesn’t want any more of me or my wacky car key doohickey and backs off.

The X is pissed when she realizes what has happened, since I showed her how to use the Defender 1 I gave her as a gift a long time ago. Some people never learn.

Mike H.,
Dana Point CA.

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