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  • Defender 1

    Defender 1

    Self Defense Tool Defender 1

  • Defender 2

    Defender 2

    Self Defense Tool Defender 2

  • Guppy


    Self Defense Tool Guppy

  • Owl


    Self Defense Tool Owl

  • RP


    Self Defense Tool RP Defender

  • Stealth


    Self Defense Tool Stealth

  • Swan


    Self Defense Tool Defender Swan

  • Self Defense Tool Ronsonator

Do you feel confident enough to defend your life or the life of your loved ones? I completely understand with the fear that comes from having to protect yourself. There’s nothing more humiliating than to go and defend yourself with nothing. No weapon or even any training. Not a fun place to be in for sure.

You end up feeling confused and overwhelmed by all the possible choices of self defense tool and/or training.

Until now the only way to reverse this situation and fear, has been to purchase a gun and get a concealed carry permit. Or to take years of martial arts to build up your skills to the point where you might withstand a violent attack.

Learning martial arts can take years and be very expensive: both momentarily and the toll on your body. Not to mention that the type of martial art you need is a combat martial art because sport arts are not that valuable on the street. Don’t get me wrong, anything is better than nothing; that is for sure.

And this is why I’m so excited to be able to share my invention with you today. It’s called “the defender” or self defense tool.

My name is Master Peter Brusso and I have spent over 54 years in the martial arts. So I know how long it takes to get to the point that you can defend yourself. This is why I invented the self defense tool… to give you a fighting chance that really can work plus takes only 20 minutes to learn to use.

And what I’ve proven over and over in my own business is that the easiest and most reliable way to ramp up your self defense capabilities is with something that can give you more leverage against your opponent.

It’s literally the difference between life and death out there on the streets or heaven forbid a home invasion. My self defense tools can seriously help you defend yourself and they are very easy to use. Quick to learn and completely legal. I even guarantee them! If you don’t like your defender or after you purchase you find you don’t like it… 100% money back guarantee.

Anatomy of a Defender

Bloopers from our training disk shoot.

Yeah, I want one of these!

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