Full Up Defenders

The full up Self Defense Tools philosophy is to provide you with a complete working self defense tool that comes with:

  • New Kydex holster “Neck Rig” which allows you to carry the tool around your neck (for those tools that have digit capture holes.
  • New Kydex holster “Clip” rig that any of the tools with digit capture holes can fit into and with the addition of the clip, you can put it anywhere the clip will fit. For example, you can put it on your belt, pocket, shirt, web gear, hiking gear, backpack etc.
  • A standard lanyard that fits all of our models.
  • A “defender clip” which is a clip right on the tool so you can carry it anywhere a clip will fit on. This clip is also reversible in that they come for a right-hand person but you can back out the screw and place the clip on the other side of the hand thus making it a left-handed tool. 
  • You also get friction tape on the handle as it dramatically improves your ability to hold onto the tool.

So right out of the box, you are ready to defend yourself with this package. 

Go see a full up defender 1 CLICK HERE.



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